"Brains Battle" Intraschool Competition


An intellectual game “Brains Battle” was held at the European School.
At the intraschool competition, students were divided into groups of 5 and each of them answered 15 questions.
The championship was held in 3 age categories – from third to fifth grade, from sixth to eighth grade and from ninth to twelveth grade. In the first age category winners became “Combatting Brains” (Georgian Sector, 6th B class) and “Brainiacs” (PYP, 4th/5th classes), in the second category winner was “Tesla” (MYP 8thA class) and in the third category won a group named “American’s Group” (AHS 10th class).
At the next level, the best 50% of the European School groups will compete with groups from other schools.

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