The European School library exists to serve its community. Our aim is to support the development of life-long learning.

A Library is one of the essential tools for every school or teaching institution to promote each student’s ability to work with multiple resources, conduct research, or improve their academic skills. A Library becomes more important in the context of providing support to both students, and teachers with accurate electronic or printed resources.

Students are encouraged to be engaged in individual or group study, classroom assignment, home assignment, or recreational reading when using the library.

European School library supports both students, and teachers with accurate electronic and printed resources.

There are two libraries in the European School. The first library is oriented towards supporting international programs of the school, while the second one supports Georgian national curriculum.

The European School book collection contains 14 000 books.

The books are offered in multiple languages other than English and Georgian (French, German, Greek, Persian and Russian languages).

Libraries are comfortable for taking researches and satisfying teaching needs of teachers and students.

Library has a space for reading and a space for computers connected to internet.

The library for the international programs offers a subscription of online (electronic database) Questa, which is accessible to library users. This resource allows the registered user to access 83 000 types of different publications, books, periodicals, etc.

Furthermore, young readers of the library are also subscribed to Raz Kids (an electronic library for elementary school students) to primary year students.

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The library working hours- 9:00 AM till 17:00 PM.

The library is located on the sixth floor.

Contact US:

Head of Library
Tamar Sekhniasvili
Middle and Upper School Librarian
Tamar Bezhuashvili
Primary School Librarian
Nino Kakhiani