English Learning Methods

19 Mar 2019

On March 18, Keith Kelly - the representative of Anglia School, Bolgaria visited the European School. The guest shared her experiences about teaching English with the ES teachers. During the meeting foreign language teaching methods, school structure and other similar topics were discussed. Such meetings improve quality of teaching English at the school and support teachers’ professional development. 

Meeting with Inventor

19 Mar 2019

On March 18, Fabx Talk event was held at Fablab for the students from grades 9-10. A young inventor Giorgi Gabarashvili presented his inventions such as virtual glove and Iron Man costume to the audience. The goal of the monthly Fabx Talk event is to inspire and motivate our students towards innovations and STEAM education.

MYP Assembly

19 Mar 2019

On March 18, MYP assembly was held at the Main Conference Hall. At the assembly, students summarized the second semester activities and presented their projects to the audience.

Campaign against Climate Change-Stop Global Warming!

18 Mar 2019

On March 15, the ES students from MYP programme walked out of the school to declare a climate emergency and take active steps to tackle the problem. They reminded people in the streets how serious the problem might become, if we won’t take a good care of our planet. Global warming, ozone hole, climate change is a growing risk for humans. Students’ march – a protest against climate change started at the European School territory and finished at the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.

Modernism and Poster Design

15 Mar 2019

On March 13, MYP students from Grade 8 arranged an exhibition at the London Avenue of the ES. Modernist posters created at Art lessons were part of the interdisciplinary project - I Am Human.

Finalists of Kings Olympiad

15 Mar 2019

On March 13, certificates of different achievements were awarded to more than 50 students of the ES who participated in autumn session of Kings Olympiad. Our school took part for the eighth time in Kings Olympiad which is a competition in Georgian and English languages and Mathematics for students from grades 2-12. The goal of the Olympiad is to improve students’ knowledge and skills and to identify skillful, talented students. The ES students demonstrated remarkable results across the country.

Trip to Bakuriani

13 Mar 2019

European School IB DP organized 3 days CAS trip to beautiful resort of Georgia, Bakuriani. During which students participated in CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)workshop, such as multicultural team-building, first-aid training, environmental cleaning, intellectual games. As the result, students had opportunity to meet CAS learning outcomes, such as sharing experiences, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, engaging in globally significant issues and developing teamwork and collaboration skills. Taking into consideration the effectiveness and usefulness of the trip, based on the positive feedback of the students, decision was made to organize such workshop trips regularly.

Astro Camp in the US

13 Mar 2019

On March 3rd -10th, with the initiative of American High School, 19 students from the European School, accompanied by ICT teacher Davit Nozadze and FabLab teacher Guranda Gogoladze, visited Astro Camp in Clover, Virginia. Through STEM based activities offered at the Camp student’s broadened their knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Robotics and Astronomy and developed essential skills for the jobs of the future. Astro Camp staff and the ES teachers developed strategy for future collaboration. Sharing of information received at the Camp with the rest of ES STEAM team will support developing joint innovative projects.

First Aid Training Course

13 Mar 2019

Within the non-formal education project, WeSkiGeorgia conducted First Aid training courses for the European School students. The goal of the training course is to instruct students on how to preserve life by carrying out series of emergency first aid procedures. Trainees learned basic first aid steps, treatment of injuries, rescue breathing and characteristic traits of shock.