PYP professional development session- “Implementing agency in PYP”

06 Feb 2020

 February 5, 2020 PYP teachers participated to a mini-professional development session which was devoted to topic” Implementing Agency in PYP”. The main idea of the session as to understand how the concept of agency can be supported in a Primary Years Programme (PYP) context. Teachers browsed MY IB in order to inquiry into the “Learner: Learner agency, Action and Agency in a primary school context.  

Webster University Visit

06 Feb 2020

On February 5, Webster University Chancellor & Managing Director Vasilis J. Botopoulos and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susie Michailidis visited the European School. The guests informed ES students about offered academic programs, a variety of courses in different disciplines and campus facilities of Webster-Athens. In the end, the visitors had the school tour.

How we express ourselves

06 Feb 2020

Grade 3A and 3B PYP students of ES following the inquiry cycle of the current unit “How we express ourselves”, showed great initiative and took actions resulted in a series of events. Being guided by their homeroom teachers and Georgian A teacher, students decided to host a bake sale for other PYP students and raise some money to purchase a very handy and needed knitting material for the nursing home “Katarzisi”. This was successfully implemented and students raised around 200 lari for the desired presents for elderly people. Being supported by one of the parents, students took more initiative and helped to make a traditional Georgian sweets “Pelamushi” by bringing the needed ingredients and cooking a delicious dessert at the school kitchen. Together with the heartwarming letters and students’ smiles and hugs, all this was presented to elderly people during grade 3B visit to “Katarzis”. In addition to the above, students of grade 3A initiated a visit to a kindergarten department where they met with the youngest students of ES school. By asking questions, answering some, reading stories, playing with the toy animals, building blocks, cars and puzzles, 3 grade students enjoyed their time very much as well as made our little kindergarteners day unique and very exciting!

PYP Parent – Teacher Conferences

05 Feb 2020

We would like to congratulate all pyp community members with the successful PYP Parent – Teacher Conferences. The focus of the Parent – Teacher Conferences was mainly based on discussing students’ end of Semester 1 Report progress with the parents. The format of the conference allowed all PYP teachers and parents to meet and to discuss the progress and achievement of the child. At the meeting following teachers were available: homeroom teachers; single subject teachers of ART, ICT, Georgian language, French, Russian, German; support learning teachers.

Read Aloud, Change the World!

04 Feb 2020

World Read Aloud Day is a popular and special day of reading celebrated in over 100 countries. Read Aloud, Change the World -this is a motto of the ES event aiming to become part of this global literacy movement. The ES students read aloud in Georgian and in English masterpieces of Children’s literature as well as their own poetry and prose works.

Quality of Education and the European School

04 Feb 2020

The ES was visited by Kakha Eradze-the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and the delegation from the Centre. The guests had a working meeting with the school director and the Head of IB Programmes. They discussed the quality of education, CIS standards at the ES and specifics of IB programmes. The representatives of the Centre had a tour around the school, its laboratories, FabLab, Mac Room, met students and received information about innovative projects.

Presentation "How My Body Works"

31 Jan 2020

On January 29, at the European Kindergarten we had a presentation “How My Body Works”. Our children happily hosted family members and presented them with their work. They talked about the structure of human body and internal organs.

New projects

28 Jan 2020

On Friday, 17 th January, the eleventh-grade students of American High School presented projects about various problematic topics. Amongst these projects, they discussed burning issues such as post-operational care, illegal migration into Georgia, homeless animals, gambling, depression in the youth,etc. The presentations were attended by students of American High School, parents, and teachers. The works were assessed by a special jury.

Trip to Egypt

28 Jan 2020

The twelfth graders of American High School spent their 2020 Winter Holidays in warm Egypt. During the week-long tour, they got partially acquainted with Egyptian culture and took part in various activities and games. The excursion was organized by the Dean of American High School, Natia Tevzadze. The students returned to their homeland on 14 th of January and continued learning with replenished energy.