Conference of the students from AHS

13 Dec 2019

With the supervision of Nana Mukeria, students of grade 10 of American High School prepared presentations on different themes. The participants were Sofia Shashkini and Temo Kvavilashvili, respectively analyzing “The Machine Stops”; Nita Bakradze and Tamuna Manjavidze with the analytical work about “1984” by George Orwell; Liza Kiria and Lizi Lekveishvili with their analysis on the book “Anthem”.

Goodbye Autumn

11 Dec 2019

At the end of November, the European Kindergarten organized the event "Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter". The children, in costumes of favorite hero, had fun doing different kind of activities.

MYP assembly

11 Dec 2019

On 10 th of December, MYP assembly was held. Head of IB programmes made presentation about the issues related to identity, assembly was also visited by English Book representatives who informed students about their future studying perspectives. Moreover, SA coordinator talked about the coming events and planned activities. MYP trophy was given to two six grader students who initiated the battery recycling project at our school.

MUN International Conference

10 Dec 2019

Kant’s Academy organized the third Georgian International Model United Nations Conference - GIMUN in Tbilisi. The Head of IB programs Mr. Brice Bomo – the special guest of the event, attended the opening ceremony, addressed delegates and wished them successful participation in committee works. One of the biggest MUN conferences in Eastern Europe was held at Biltmore hotel. For three days, the delegates worked on issues like: preventing crime; fighting against racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance; international security; women’s occupational segregation and etc. Diplomats from different embassies and government officials were involved in the event.

European School at National Tourism Awards - Welcome to Georgia!

09 Dec 2019

On December 6, the 5th Anniversary Gala Ceremony of the National Tourism Awards –Welcome to Georgia was held in Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metekhi Palace. The European School representatives attended the event. The schools had a special exhibition stand to present academic programs and promotional material to up to 800 visitors and share the ES achievements with them.

On December 6-7, European School participated in School Fair 2019, which was held at Expo Georgia

09 Dec 2019

The exhibition, the Second of its kind in Georgia, was designed to provide a single platform medium for the education sector in one dedicated space and create a venue where all participants in the industry could come together. The aim was to focus on potential customers and visitors who had the opportunity to participate and make an assessment of the presented educational institutions and their advantages, their programs, teaching methods, infrastructure, curriculum and technical support they provide.

Charity Event

06 Dec 2019

On 30 th of November European School MYP students participated in the charity event initiated by the Red Cross. Students helped sell cupcakes and raised money. Our collaboration with the Red Cross will be continued.

PYP Programme Evaluation and Self-study process

06 Dec 2019

PYP community had chance to finalize the self-study process through the final standard and practices committees’ presentations. For the twelve month the self-study process took a detailed and thorough reflection by all community members on all aspects of the programme implementation. The conclusions represented the perspectives of teachers, school leaders, students, parents and community members. PYP expects the visit to happen on the 1st to 3rd April 2020. A visit will take place to verify the school’s assessment in order to ensure the standards and practices are maintained and furthered. We are all looking forward to celebrating this event.

MYP programs assambly

04 Dec 2019

On 2 nd of December MYP celebrated another beginning of the study week. MYP Coordinator congratulated those students who participated into different SA activities, including Red Cross Charity event and event promoting Healthy eating habits. We are happy about another SA event initiation, coming from our VI graders, regarding collecting toxic substances- batteries. Assembly was opened and closed by our very talented VII grader Zhang Xici who magnificently performed on the piano.