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Guest from Estonia

12 Apr 2019

On April 11, the European Kindergarten hosted managers and teachers from various Estonian kindergartens. The guests had a tour around the school and the preschool, attended several activities and shared the experience with local colleagues. The visit was very impressive and interesting for foreign guests.

Exhibition -How the World Works?

06 Apr 2019

On April 4, the European Kindergarten held an exhibition- How the World Works? While creating artworks for the exhibition kids learned a lot about animals, birds, insects and amphibians in a fun and engaging way.

World Down Syndrome Day at the European Kindergarten

22 Mar 2019

On March 19, the European Kindergarten celebrated World Down Syndrome Day. Several awareness activities were held during this day: the school counselor made a presentation about Down syndrome and later, children decorated socks as a symbol of WDSD.

International day of Forests

22 Mar 2019

The European Kindergarten celebrated the International Day of Forests with many interesting activities. Children worked in groups on the application "Forest”, they had a discussion about the importance of forests and danger of deforestation. Later, children decorated trees, listened to birds with a parabolic microphone and gave a shelter to birds.

Training on Basics of Positive Communication

01 Mar 2019

On February 23, the European Kindergarten teachers attended training-Basics of Positive Communication. The main objective of the training was developing effective communication skills of participants.

Visit of the Director of Tbilisi Zoo

20 Feb 2019

Today, ES kindergarten kids hosted the Director of Tbilisi Zoo Zurab Gurielidze. As children cover the theme “HOW THE WORLD WORKS”, they are curious about animals and want to know: Why does the elephant have big years, giraffe long neck and tiger stripped skin? How does giraffe sleep? Why dolphin is human’s friend? Children received very interesting answers on all above-mentioned questions.

My Body

01 Feb 2019

On January 31st, a presentation on the topic "My Body" was held at the European Kindergarten. Children exposed thematic crafts and engaged invited parents in various interesting activities.

Christmas-themed “Nutcracker” Show

26 Dec 2018

On December 26, our little nutckrackers wished their parents and teachers merry Christmas and a happy New Year with the magical performance. Our children danced, sang and had a lot of fun. In the end, they were more than happy to see Santa Claus who paid a surprise visit to them.

New Year Party "Nutcracker"

23 Dec 2018

On Saturday, December 22, preschool groups of the European Kindergarten performed “Nutcracker Party”. A Spectacular show has been put on by the kids dressed in nutcracker's costumes. They danced on modern motifs of the play, sang New Year songs and created a festive mood for the audience.

Fun Sports Games

01 Dec 2018

On Friday, November 30, we said good-bye to autumn and welcomed winter season with fun sports games. Children took part in various competitions and had a great time. They did their best to win and demonstrated an adequate level of physical readiness.

Learning New Techniques for Managing Behaviour Problems

11 Nov 2018

On November 9-10, our kindergarten teachers participated in the training, which aimed to help them effectively manage behavior problems in their little pupils. They learned a set of practices and strategies, on one hand, to prevent and effectively manage inappropriate behavior and, on the other hand, to create and maintain an environment that promotes both teaching and learning.

Presentation for the Parents

02 Nov 2018

On Friday, November 2, pupils of our Kindergarten exhibited their artworks and showcased the skills acquired during this school year. Mummies and daddies got the chance to try delicious cookies, churchkhelas (candle-shaped walnut candies) and apple jam, handmade by their children.