PYP Parent Educational Workshop


The PYP parent educational workshop took place on of February 25th, 2019. The aim of the workshop was to enhance parental involvement at the school life and increase their understanding of IB PYP teaching and learning process.
The workshop was organized into five different stations lead by PYP teachers and the PYP Coordinator. The first station focused on “International Mindedness”- here parents had a chance to see the central role of the learner in PYP interpretation of international mindedness. The second station presented the idea of a “Concept-Based Curriculum” – here PYP key concepts were presented as integral parts of the learning process, which help to drive teacher and student inquiries, which lie at the heart of the PYP curriculum. At the next station- “Approaches to Teaching and Learning”, parents had an opportunity to see how transdisciplinary skills are used in action. The “Inquiry” station took visitors through the steps of the inquiry cycle, which is used by students and teachers throughout each six-week unit of inquiry.
PYP guiding documents were also available at the workshop, and parents had the opportunity to ask the PYP coordinator questions regarding the policies, the Student-Parent Handbook, and other school documents of interest.

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