Excursion - Georgian National Public Broadcaster


On February 7, third graders of our PYP sector visited the Georgian National Public Broadcaster. Students could see for themselves the different studios where they record all the programs. They then visited the main control room, and a very special museum, where they learned about the first cameras, equipment, voice recorders and many other things that are used during the creation of programs. This excursion showed our students that through the advancement of Technology the recording of TV programs has become so much easier!

Our next stop was the studio where the famous Georgian program “Piradi Eqimi” (family doctor) is being recorded. Students were able too interview the host of the program, Mrs. Mari Malazonia. She was happy to answer all questions and spoke to our students about the topic of her new program – healthy foods. Students enjoyed the trip and it gave them a better understanding of how people communicate and what an important means of communication television programs can be.

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