“David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation”, being a long term strategic partner of our school, has established “The European School Full Bright Scholarship Program” for our school students. The Foundation considers application from the school for grants by the end of every academic semester. This competitive scholarship recognizes academically exceptional students with excellent character as demonstrated through their academic achievement, activities, and community service.

The scholarship awards are granted without consideration of financial need and are merit based. Awards automatically renew from semester to semester as long as the recipient remains in good academic and social standing. The school itself establishes eligibility criteria and benchmarks for the scholarship applicants.


“David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation” is a non-profit, charity organization established to support
educational programs in Georgia and to support preservation of national cultural heritage. The Foundation
has participated in a number of national and international charity events and is actively involved in
supporting of a number of ongoing projects such as: “Museum of Books” at the national Library, Museum
of Movie and Theater historic costumes collection, publishing photo albums “Tbilisi” and
“Balconies of Georgia- An Architectural Masterpiece” and etc. The Foundation donated to the international
charity events and activities such as: “Aurora Prize” and “Junior Achievement”.


Grantees of the Semester I, Academic Year 2015-16

Grantees of the Semester II, Academic Year 2015-16

Grantees of the Semester I, Academic Year 2016-17

Grantees of the Semester II, Academic Year 2016-17