The European School has:

Computer Laboratories

MAC Laboratory

2 Robotics Laboratories

Lego laboratories for elementary school students and Robotics Lab for middle school students. Both laboratories are equipped with necessary resources, internet, interactive blackboard, etc.

Computer Laboratories

Four laboratories are equipped with modern desktop computers and one with laptops; laboratories have one computer for each student. Every computer is connected to the internet. Laboratories use Interactive Blackboards (IWB), printers, scanners, web-cameras, headphones and other technologies to support high-quality lessons.

Lego Education


SMART Kids Laboratory

Smart kids Lab is opened for the elementary school students; while working students use interactive board (SMART Board® 6000 series interactive flat panels) and interactive smart tables (SMART Table 442i®). According to the goal of the lesson, students are acquainted with not only a subject but technological news which they will obtain, use and create.



MLL – Multimedia Language Lab for teaching foreign languages is equipped with laptops, headphones, voice recording microphones, printer, projector and special classroom management system (Net Control 2 Classroom).

ICT infrastructure connects the computer network to two libraries, departments and every classroom. Every computer is connected to internet 24/7; every classroom and conference room has a projector to support high-quality learning process. Technologies maintenance and work is supported by the ICT department of the school.

Offices of Sciences and Biology

One of the best equipped from the school laboratories is an office for sciences and biology. The office offers laboratory work space and area for conducting lessons. A computer and projector are installed, the room has taps and all necessary stuff.

The laboratory has a rich video archive, schemas explaining biological processes, diagrams, posters, casts of human organs. It has magnifying equipment – magnifying glasses, modern microscopes, electrical measurements, spectrophotometers, equipment to conduct electrophoresis and other necessary parts for conducting experiments, which give student the possibility to observe biological processes.

The laboratory is adjacent to a greenhouse filled with plants and an aquarium.


Physics Laboratory

Physics laboratory is in accordance to modern requirements. The students’ working tables are provided with the sources of direct current and alternating current, water and natural gas. The operation of the equipment is conducted from the teachers working table, which gives him or her ability to switch the system off when necessary. The laboratory is equipped with modern standard equipment, has a source of laser, Wheatstone bridge (in electricity), digital sensors, which use Wi-Fi connect to a computer program. The school also has a telescope to look at objects in space. Students can use any resource during laboratory works. They also have an access to virtual laboratory created by Professor D. Songhulashvili.

Chemistry Laboratory

Infrastructure of chemistry lab is in accordance with modern requirements. Students have source of electricity and water on their tables. The lab is obtained with standard and modern digital equipment, such as PH meter, sensors of pressure and temperature, Coulometer, Spectrometer, thermostat, tetrameter, centrifuge, distiller, and paper chromatograph. It also has models of natural materials, minerals. By using digital equipment the students are able to enter data in the computer program and can conduct different types of experiments and studies.