Artifact Museum

07 Dec 2018

As part of the summative assessment of the unit "Where We Are in Place and Time", Grade 1 students set up an artifact museum. An artifact museum is a display of various items that reveal information about students’ family histories and how these artifacts have affected their lives. Each student had a display station, where they stood and presented their artifact, showing their understanding of the unit’s central idea (how histories enable us to find our place in society).

Field Trip to French institute's Media Library

06 Dec 2018

On Tuesday, December 5th, 10th grade students from our MYP Programme French class took a trip to French institute's Media Library. Thanks to their French teacher, Ms. Eliso Chelishvili, the pupils received free 1-year membership to access digital and academic library. In addition, our school received a suitcase with 50 books, lent from the library, which is to be used at the European School for the second semester of the academic year.

Workshop for PYP Parents

30 Nov 2018

On November 21, the workshop “Introduction to the Primary Years Programme (PYP)” was held for the parents of our PYP pupils. The main idea of the workshop was to familiarize parents with the IB PYP educational philosophy, teaching methodology and learning approaches. The session was organized in an interactive and collaborative way so parents had a great chance to actively participate in the discussions and different tasks. It was useful for the school to get parent feedback regarding their understanding of the PYP curriculum framework. Here is what some of the parents had to say about the workshop: "Now I realize that at PYP, students can share their ideas and learn through different ways", "I appreciate this high level of interaction between students and teachers". These kinds of events will be held once a semester and will ensure that all parents gain a deeper understanding of the PYP.

Presentations on the Subject of Bullying

29 Nov 2018

On November 29, within the anti-bullying week, our students from IB grade 10 prepared independent projects aiming to raise awareness of bullying. The event took place in the main hall with presence of English teachers and 10th Graders. The students discussed ways to tackle the bullying issues and shared their ideas with the audience.

Colors of Autumn - Art Exhibition

21 Nov 2018

On Tuesday, November 20, the exhibition "Colors of Autumn" presented the paintings and collages by students of our school's Primary and Middle Years Programs from both - Georgian and IB sections. Students got to appreciate each others’ work and took pride in their own little achievements. By participating in such events students learn that they can communicate their feelings and experiences to the wider audience by means of art.

Second PYP Assembly

19 Nov 2018

On the 19th of November, we celebrated our second PYP assembly. At the start of the assembly, Grade 5 students Mariam Khurodze and Ecrin Yağmur Kurtsaw gave shared presentations about how peace is essential for sustainable development and underscored the importance of people joining forces to strive for world peace. Student Council members prepared and role-played different school situations. Students were able to reflect on the idea of peacemaking both on a global and local level.

Visit to the Dog Shelter

18 Nov 2018

On Saturday, November 17, our 10th graders from the MYP Programme visited Tamaz Elizbarashvili Dog Shelter. Students said hello to the shelter dwellers and donated food for the animals.

Project "Home" involving PYP 5th Graders

12 Nov 2018

Pupils from our IB Programme grade 5A participated in the project "Home". The goal of the project was to help the students understand that theatre is the art of telling stories through acting and aimed to show them how acting skills connect actors with the audience. The project consisted of two parts. The first part was debating and the second one was an acting performance. In the first part, children expressed their ideas about the differences between home and house, debated about what makes a good home and discussed words and proverbs derived from the word – “home”. The second part was a performance of the fable “home”, in which students played different characters. All the pupils enjoyed acting in the performance.

MYP November Assembly

12 Nov 2018

On Monday, November 12, MYP November assembly was held. The event included students from grades 9 and 10 performing a drama act based on "Little Long-Nose" by the German novelist Wilhelm Hauff. Afterward, a summary was presented of all the programmables MYP has been conducting during the previous month. Assembly involved the presence of all MYP students, teachers and Academic Director of the European School, Ms. Sophio Bazadze.