The workshop on Human Rights

13 Nov 2018

On Tuesday, November 13, Human Rights Youth Center conducted a workshop for our pupils on "Introduction of International and European Human rights". The workshop was led by Charlotte Wasseran, an invited trainer from Germany. Human Rights Youth Center, which is based on the NGO MGSDV - Youth for Democracy, will continue similar workshops about human rights on a regular basis for the European School students.

Outdoor Class in Dzalisa

05 Nov 2018

9th and 8th class students of American high School visited the site of the former Dzalisa city, Tsilkani Saint Mary Church, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Mtskheta Theatron. In Dzalisa, students had an Outdoor class in Classic civilization. They saw ruins of the former city site: a public pool, Roman-style villa, sewage system and mosaic Triclinium. Students answered questions about the Georgian and Roman relations, innovations of Roman architecture and mythological theme expressed on the mosaics. In addition, they discussed the main principles of the Roman thermal bath construction process.

Visit to Museum of Georgia and the National Gallery

05 Nov 2018

Students of the American High School visited Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia and the National Gallery. At Georgian museum, they saw a photo exhibition depicting the personal lives of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The exhibition "Diego and Frida. A Smile in the middle of the way" has been traveling to different countries since 2002. Students also visited Soviet Occupation Exhibition Hall and Georgian Costume and Weaponry exhibition. Afterward, they saw the Permanent Exhibition at the National Gallery, which showcases works by distinguished Georgian artists of the 20th century - Niko Pirosmanashvili, David Kakabadze, Lado Gudiashvili and Iakob Nikoladze.

"Brains Battle" Intraschool Competition

01 Nov 2018

An intellectual game “Brains Battle” was held at the European School. At the intraschool competition, students were divided into groups of 5 and each of them answered 15 questions. The championship was held in 3 age categories - from third to fifth grade, from sixth to eighth grade and from ninth to twelveth grade. In the first age category winners became “Combatting Brains” (Georgian Sector, 6th B class) and “Brainiacs” (PYP, 4th/5th classes), in the second category winner was “Tesla” (MYP 8thA class) and in the third category won a group named “American’s Group” (AHS 10th class). At the next level, the best 50% of the European School groups will compete with groups from other schools.

Photo-exhibition “Unknown Tbilisi” and a Walk in the Historic Part of Tbilisi

22 Oct 2018

American High School students from the grade 10 had an integrated (Math-Literature) outdoor class. They visited the photo-exhibition “Unknown Tbilisi” at the National Library and learned more about the historical and cultural meanings of remarkable buildings in Tbilisi. As the subject of their lesson was "Optimizing routes for the time management", they picked buildings which evoked interest in them and explored the best possible routes to get there. At the end of the lesson, students took a stroll in the streets of Tbilisi, following the plan created by them.

EducationUSA mini-fair at the European School

22 Oct 2018

As the admissions game is becoming ever more complex, it is our duty to help students learn more about their options - from community colleges to state schools, from regional options to the most selective institutions. This is precisely why the mini-fair hosted by the European School welcomed a delegation of representatives from American universities.

Excursion to Tao-Klarjeti

18 Oct 2018

On October 11-14, American High School students took a trip to Tao-Klarjeti. They visited historical places of Shavsheti, Klarjeti and Tao and had an unique opportunity to visit the places which are well known to them from Georgian history and hagiography. During a 4-day trip, students and their teachers saw a lot of historical and cultural monuments, such as Mere’s castle, Seytan (Kajeti) castle, Ardahan, Shavsheti, Satle castle, Tbeti, Doliskana, Artvin, Artanuji, JoJokhetis Canyon, Akhiza’s castle, Yusufeli, Otkhta church, Kavkasidze’s castle, Vejangeti castle, Ishkani, Oshki, Khakhuli monastery, Tortum waterfall, Torumi castle and Bana cathedral.

Outdoor Lesson on Mtatsminda

16 Oct 2018

American High School students and teachers took their lesson beyond the classroom walls - 11th graders had an outdoor lesson in the Georgian language at Mama Daviti. Along with their literature teacher Tekla Beradze and homeroom teacher Ana Khutsidze, they visited the Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures. They went to Nikoloz Baratashvili's grave memorial and discussed his poem “Evening at Mtatsminda”.

Outdoor Class at Dmanisi

16 Oct 2018

American High School 8th graders had an outdoor class at Dmanisi archaeological site. They saw the specific spots where excavations are conducted. Guest speaker, Sophio Panchulidze, an archaeologist who participated in Dmanisi archaeological expedition for 25 years, talked about the life of Dmanisi hominins, Homo Georgicus and explained what plants were spread and what animals lived here at the time. Students also watched the movie about archaeological excavations and discoveries in Dmanisi from 1937 up to this day. Finally, they climbed Dmanisi medieval fortress and enjoyed the site.