PYP 4th Graders Go Green, to Get Our Globe Clean

PYP 4th graders are inquiring into the unit about the environment. During the unit the students carried out various types of projects, such as testing biodegradable items in indoor compost, planting flowers, investigating cafeteria waste, testing the level of air pollution, making compost ingredients, collecting paper for the recycling center, making art pieces from recyclable materials, etc. Another project was to collaborate with 9th graders, who shared their experience and taught our class how to make paper by reusing the old paper. Later our 4th graders shared their newly acquired knowledge to their peers in the other class.
On completion of the unit we invited Mikheil Overly’s father as a guest speaker. In a very interesting session, he discussed fifteen major problems that our environment face.
During this collaborative activity our students raised some new questions towards further inquiry into the topic, developing them into critical thinkers!

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