PYP Marathon and Olympic Games


PYP grade 5 students are currently working on a unit about civilizations. One of the civilizations they studied were the Ancient Greeks. During this unit they participated in a marathon, as well as their own “Olympic Games” in the schools Gym where they competed in: shot put, long jump, “stade and diaulos”(ancient Greek running races). The winners received medals, certificates and Greek wreaths. All the students had a wonderful time and displayed excellent sportsmanship!
Lana Mamatsashvili: “It was a great day, I really liked the Olympic Games.”
Sofiya Maliy and Aysel Tarverdiyeva: “It was hard, but we did it”
Zhang Xizi: “I really liked the marathon, being outside and breathing fresh air was awesome. Would be nice to have more activities like that!”​

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