Welcome from the Academic Director of American High School

Dear students, colleagues, graduates, parents – all community of American High School. I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all of you and cordially congratulate you on the beginning of the New Academic year.
I am very excited to serve as academic Director of American High School and look forward to working with you in order to make our community productive and successful.

Each new academic year brings new opportunities and challenges. The academic year of 2018/2019 is no exception. American High School begins new academic year with revised curricula and enlarged opportunities for students as we strive to find ways that will help us be even better than we had been before!

I would like to thank all AHS graduates who made our dreams true.

I would like to thank our students and wish them a year filled with excellent opportunities, happiness, challenges and achievements!

With a special feeling I would like to thank new students who successfully passed examinations and proved to be worthy of studying at our school.

I would like to thank all AHS highly qualified teachers and stuff members who with their hard work help students make new discoveries in their exciting journey in the land of knowledge.

Good luck and have a very productive year!

Natia Tevzadze