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Language and Literature Day at the European School

25 Apr 2018

Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School organized Language and Literature Day on April 25, 2018. They day started unusually – students, dressed up as literary characters, filled the school hallways with laughter and joy as they greeted parents and teachers. The school hosted various literary events, projects, and open lessons.

Elementary School Students Visit Chemistry and Biology Labs

25 Apr 2018

Georgian Program Grade 1 and 3 students visited Biology and Chemistry labs on April 24, 2018. Students learned about paper recycling and its importance in waste reduction. Manana Zhamurashvili, Biology teacher, explained to children that there are good bacteria, too, and that they are essential for the efficient functioning of our body. Children watched an animated movie about good bacteria and then observed them under the microscope.

Language Acquisition Day at the European School

24 Apr 2018

Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School organized Language Acquisition Day on April 24, 2018. The day started with laughter – the European School students were greeting parents and teachers at the door, handing out chocolate, candy and sweets. Georgian Program grade 9-10 students opened the celebration with a joint class in German, French and Russian languages.

ICT Day at the European School

23 Apr 2018

Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School organized ICT Day on April 23, 2018. The day was filled with different activities, extraordinary classes and sessions: Adding and Subtracting Numbers within 20, Paper Rocket Show, Solving Real Life Tasks Using 2D Arrays, Making LED Flasher Using Arduino, Effective Publications, etc.

World Book Day at the European School

23 Apr 2018

International community celebrates World Book Day on April 23 annually. Today is the day when authors, universities, schools, book stores and cultural centers, all come together to promote reading across Georgia. The students from Georgian Program joined the celebration of World Book Day. Grade 11 students set down with the Elementary School children to read Harry Potter series together.

Student Conference at the European School

23 Apr 2018

Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School hosted a Student Conference on April 21, 2018. The conference consisted of different sessions and panels: Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Technology, and Natural and Social Sciences. Students from all three programs – IB, American High School, and Georgian Program - presented their works and delivered presentations. Special guests, together with our teachers, attended the conference sessions and provided students with their insight on topics discussed. In the end, students received certificates for participation.

Science Day at the European School

23 Apr 2018

Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School organized Science Day on April 20, 2018. Using chemicals, grade 10 students, Davit Grigolia, Misha Pruidze, Ana Akhalaia and Nini Dagargulia, applied fake cuts on their skin, pranking the guests and fellow students who gathered around and watched them in astonishment. During the day, open lessons were conducted: “The Earth and Beyond;” “The Lake Nyos Diaster;” “Melting and Boiling;” “Classifying the Natural World;” “Reaction Rate;” “Inhabitants of Africa and Australia,“ etc. Students attended an interesting and informative lecture on sleep and dreams, and then, showed Physics experiments to the audience to pique younger students’ interest in natural sciences. The school courtyard was filled with action – students organized a Chemistry show, displaying liquid nitrogen popcorn, erupting foams, Science magic tricks with fire, etc. They got to test the Physics Lab equipment that is normally used for the lab experiments. The day ended with a Georgian Program Assembly. Georgian Program students presented their projects, skits and plays, and performed for the audience.

The European Kindergarten Celebrates Earth Day

20 Apr 2018

The European Kindergarten joined the worldwide celebrations of Earth Day. Children at the European Kindergarten created handmade crafts by using recycled and re-used materials. In their small, unique ways, they tried their best to contribute to a sustainable environment.

IB MYP Students Celebrate IB’s 50th Anniversary!

20 Apr 2018

On Tuesday, April 19, 2018, The European School IB MYP students held an assembly to celebrate the IB’s 50th anniversary. The following classes and students were presented: In connection with their current unit, "Let’s Take care of our Environment," MYP Grade 9B students raised money, bought a baby tree and planted it in the school yard. Nini Gabaidze and Niyaz Mahdavi, MYP Grade 7 students, sang a song. MYP Grade 8 students visited National Botanical Garden of Georgia and helped with gardening to celebrate Earth Day. MYP Grade 7 students presented their project about Anne Frank. Mariam Natroshvili and Giorgi Shavgulidze, MYP Grade 8 students, presented their history project about different cultures. Mahdi (piano) and Sara (Violin) Jafariani performed on stage. The day ended with MYP grade 10 students’ Personal Project presentations in the main hall. Students’ personal projects covered a variety of topics, including: tourism, psychology, sustainability and ways of being environmentally friendly, poetry, ways of tackling bullying, etc.

IB PYP and Georgian Program Elementary School Day at the European School

19 Apr 2018

The European School IB PYP and Georgian Program Elementary School joined the celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary on April 18, 2018. The day was filled with a variety of activities – The European School hosted the IB PYP concert in the courtyard, teachers organized open lessons and IB PYP grade 4 students competed in different sports activities. IB PYP students presented various interdisciplinary topics that they have been working on over the course of the academic year. Georgian Program Grade 1 students organized the shadow theatre performance, portraying animal’s characteristics. Georgian Program Grade 2 students discussed germs and ways of preventing them from spreading. Georgian Program Grade 2 students discussed real friendship – can humans be friends with only humans? Can animals be our friends? While delivering a presentation about the Dog Shelter in Tbilisi, students tried to answer these questions. Georgian Program Grade 3 students shared tips on how to make compost and fertilize plants. Georgian Program Grade 4 students discussed relations between generations. The assembly ended with an awarding ceremony.

The European School Students Visit National Botanical Garden of Georgia

18 Apr 2018

IB MYP grade 8 students visited National Botanical Garden of Georgia on April 18, 2018. They removed unwanted grass from the iris flower beds and cleaned up the premises of the garden. Our volunteers dedicated their hard work to Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, annually.

Senior Project Presentations at the European School

18 Apr 2018

On Tuesday, April 17, the American High School Senior students had their Senior Project Presentations. Preparing Senior Projects is obligatory for AHS seniors. They write research papers and then present them to an academic audience. The jury evaluates two components: the relevance of the topic and the speaker’s presentation skills. Students are free to choose their research paper topics but work closely with their supervisors who provide them with sources and constructive feedback.


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