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My City Project Presentations at the European School

20 May 2018

The European School main hall hosted “My City” project presentations on May 18, 2018. Grade 2-5 students from Georgian and IB Programmes participated in the series of presentations. They presented scale models of city districts, parks, apartment buildings, airports, bridges, etc. The scale models were created with recycled materials: old boxes, colored paper, cocktail sticks, plasticine, compact discs, etc. The students' projects mainly focused on creating recreation and amusement centers.

European School Students Learn Pedestrian Road Safety Rules

17 May 2018

On May 17, 2018, Grade 2 students from Georgian Program had a demo lesson on road safety awareness. Major Levan Tsiklauri delivered a road safety talk. He described the police duties and taught children basic street safety - explained how street lights work, how to cross the road, what zebra crossing is, etc. Students learned to identify traffic signs. In the end, our guest speaker answered children’s additional questions.

Elementary School Students Discuss Environmental Responsibilities

17 May 2018

On May 16, 2018, Grade 1 students from Georgian Program reviewed the transdisciplinary unit about coexisting with nature. Children discussed living and non-living things, good and bad bacteria, the effects our bad habits have on our health, etc. They exchanged viewpoints on environmental responsibilities and how to reduce our environmental impact on human health and natural world.

European School Students stage a Shakespearean Play

17 May 2018

The European School main hall hosted the premiere of William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” on May 16, 2018. The play offered our students an opportunity to showcase their acting, musical and screenwriting skills. They worked on the stage design, provided backstage support and performed on stage with equal dedication and enthusiasm. Lika Kobuladze, an actress at Tbilisi Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and the head of the Drama Studio of the European School, helped our students direct the play.

Project presentation at the European School

16 May 2018

On May 16, 2018, Georgian Program grade 7B students participated in an open lesson themed as “I Will Swim over the Sea.” Students read famous works of literature, recalled and discussed popular movies, and brought scripted characters to life.

Giorgi Ovashvili at the European School

15 May 2018

Giorgi Ovashvili, the Georgian film director and screenwriter, visited the European School on May 15, 2018. He sat down with the grade 9 students from Georgian Program. Our students learned about his works and discussed the movie the Other Bank which he directed in 2009.

Visiting Wind Farm

15 May 2018

Currently, the PYP grade 4 students are inquiring into the unit “Energy”. One of the lines of inquiry is “Renewable and nonrenewable energy”. To take a closer look at wind turbines, and find out first-hand how they generate electricity, the students visited a wind farm, located in Gori which is currently the only wind farm in Georgia. The students interviewed the electrician, who provided them with some information about the onshore wind farms. Our students had a great time and found the trip very enjoyable! Part of their next project will be to design a model for the country, using only green energy.

Appreciation Day

15 May 2018

On the 11th of May PYP organized an ‘appreciation day’ as part of their ‘countdown to summer’ (summer countdown). Each day of the summer countdown is in alphabetical order and is very exciting for our students. For appreciation day, PYP students wrote letters and made cards for their teachers, the administration and all of the members of the European School Staff to show how much they appreciate their efforts and simply to say, ‘thank you’.

Geography competition

15 May 2018

On May 10, third graders participated in a special Geography competition. As students have been inquiring the unit “Oceans, seas and river of the Earth” they learnt about continents, oceans and other bodies of water. Students also learned how to work with maps and identify different bodies of water, like rivers and seas. Thus, to summarize all their knowledge, a special Geography competition was held. Students from both grades were divided into 4 groups. The competition consisted of 3 rounds. In the first one, students had to answer the questions about the topics they have covered through the unit. Second round was about map search, kids had to choose a card with a body of water written on it and they had to find it on the map. For the final rounds kids had to create actual maps. In the end of the competition the winning team received certificates and globes for their hard work. Between the rounds, students also had the opportunity to performed songs and dances. All our students enjoyed the competition, and although winning was important to them they displayed great teamwork and used their knowledge acquired during our lessons.

Self-Government Day at the European School

11 May 2018

The European School organized Self-Government Day on May 11, 2018. Students assumed the role of a teacher for a day. They offered interesting classes, arranged flash mobs and started charity campaigns - with the money raised, they bought books and donated them to SOS Children’s Village Georgia.

Football Match at the European School

11 May 2018

The European School soccer pitch hosted a warm up match between the European School alumni and the current grade 12 students. The match ended in a tie (1-1).

SDSU Georgia Rrepresentatives Visit the European School

11 May 2018

The representatives of San Diego State University Georgia (SDSU Georgia) paid a visit to the European School. The guests toured around the school building, discussed partnership opportunities and expressed their willingness to further collaborate with the European School. Among the guests were Dr. Halil M. Guven, the Dean of SDSU, Dr. Lal Tummala, the former Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Walter Oechel, the Dean of College of Sciences, and Dr. William Tong, the Chair of Chemistry Department. Being a hub of student invention and innovation, San Diego State University is one of the largest and most popular universities in California.


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