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"Let's be Conductors!"

23 Feb 2018

Conductor Mirian Khukhunaishvili opened up the Classical Music Festival at the European School by holding conducting lessons for our students. Children got to experience the magical powers of the baton and conducting an Orchestra on stage. The orchestra performed several famous pieces of classical music. PYP grade 5 student, Niko Gersamia, emerged as an overall winner of the day. Mirian Khukhunaishvili awarded him with a baton.

Migration Night

23 Feb 2018

PYP fifth graders celebrated the end of the third unit about migration with a Family Migration Story Night. On February 21, 2018, all fifth grade parents brought a national dish from their own culture and shared their own migration stories with the students and other families. There were a lot of different foods on display and it was a lovely evening. One of the parents commented that this was a great occasion to meet the other fifth grade parents and come together. It served as a great wrap up to what the students had been learning about animal and human migration throughout the unit, showing the students that migration isn’t just a school topic but a real-life experience. This night also coincided with the International Mother Tongue Day and wonderfully celebrated the variety of cultures and languages we currently have at our school. Students were translating for parents who didn’t speak English and there was a lot of discussion about complications with language when people move to a new country. At the end of the event, students presented some works that reflected their own perspectives about migration and the knowledge that they gained throughout the past month.

International Mother Language Day

22 Feb 2018

The world celebrates the International Mother Language Day on February 21. Having a very diverse student body with over 23 different nationalities represented, the European School is multilingual and our students eagerly join International Mother Language Day celebration every year. On February 21, 2018, the European School students tried to teach their peers popular phrases in their mother tongues, delivered presentations about the history of their native languages, discussed native alphabets, read poems and played fun games. At the end of the day, parents joined the celebration and brought homemade traditional dishes to embrace the cultural and linguistic diversity at the European School.

Mathematics Saturday School and Mathematics Club at the European School

21 Feb 2018

In order to improve the quality of teaching Mathematics and prepare students for mathematics competitions, conferences and Olympiads, the European School is establishing a Mathematics Club and Mathematics Saturday School. Saturday School will follow the specific program that will help students develop abstract and logical reasoning. Mathematics Club will prepare students for different competitions and olympiads.

European School Students Visit Museum of Rustaveli State Academic Theatre

20 Feb 2018

In the framework of the “What We Know about Ilia Chavchavadze” project, Tamar Tsagareli, the European School teacher, took grade 9 students to the Museum of Rustaveli State Academic Theatre. Students acquainted themselves with the script and historical records of “Is a Man a Human?” by Ilia Chavcavadze.

European School Students Visit the “Ecovision” Organization

16 Feb 2018

Grade 6A students, along with their science teacher, Manana Zhamurashvili, paid a visit to a non-governmental organization “Union for Sustainable Development – Ecovision.” “Ecovision” organized a training for students. The training focused on biodiversity. Students received theoretical knowledge and played fun games. At the end, students were awarded with books and magazines on environmental protection published by “Ecovision.”

Visit to the Environmental Information and Education Center

16 Feb 2018

Georgian Program students from grade 6B, together with their Biology teacher, Manana Zhamurashvili, visited the Environmental Information and Education Center on February 13. Mariam Archvadze, a representative of the Educational Projects Division, delivered a presentation on ”Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Georgia.” Students received a valuable information about biodiversity and legal and illegal activities in protected areas for their project “Red Book and Protected Areas”.

Valentine's Day at the European School

15 Feb 2018

Happy faces, lots of red, heart paper garlands, cupids, red lanterns, lovely music, dances, fun competitions between couples and finally, Giorgi Kekelidze's lecture on "Love and Characters in Literature"- this is how we celebrated Valentine's Day at the European School. ​

European School Students Discuss Similarities and Differences between Film and Literature

14 Feb 2018

On February 9, 2018, Tamar Tsagareli, Georgian Language and Literature teacher organized a discussion on similarities and differences between film and literature for grade 5A and 5B students. Students read a famous short story – “Magdana’s Donkey,” written by a prominent Georgian writer, Ekaterine Gabashvili. Irakli Jaoshvili, the Head of the European School TV, talked to students about the film adaptation of “Magdana’s Donkey,” discussed the art of cinematography and the process of turning books into movies.

The European School Joins 100th Anniversary Celebration of Tbilisi State University

14 Feb 2018

On February 9, 2018, the European School teachers, Maia Melikishvili and Maia Tsenguashvili, along with grade 10-11 students, organized a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The speakers recalled the complexity of historical period in which Goergian meritorious public figures managed to establish the very first Georgian university.

The European School Students Are Mastering Cuneiform Script

14 Feb 2018

The European School students are trying their hand at Cuneiform Script. As Grade 7A students were covering ancient Mesopotamian civilizations in History, their teacher, Manana Shekiladze, decided to teach them Cuneiform script, invented by the Sumerians. In class, she provided students with Cuneiform script, matching Georgian letters and chunks of clay. First, students made tablets out of clay and then, carved their names into the surface in Georgian and in Cuneiform.

Lecture about History of Germany

14 Feb 2018

Simon Hölscher, guest speaker from Germany, paid a visit to the European School and gave a lecture about Germany post World War One and Hitler’s rise to power pre -World War Two. Students who attended the lecture had already covered World War Two in their History class, so having a German perspective on this historical event was very culturally enriching for them.


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