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Alumni Homecoming

30 Dec 2017

The European School organized an Annual Alumni Homecoming on December 29, which turned out to be a fun and fascinating trip down memory lane. The reunion gave our alumni an opportunity to see their teachers and old friends again. They looked back on unforgettable moments, stories and places. Irakli Kikoria, the Head of Alumni Association, shared the news about establishing the Alumni Charity Foundation and made a first donation himself. Graduates shared their university experiences with our current students. Following interesting conversations, they played fun games and danced with teachers on stage which added up to excitement even more and everyone had a wonderful time.

New Year Celebrations

29 Dec 2017

New Year celebrations are very popular among children. The European School students are not different. Children from kindergarten to high school grades engaged with great enthusiasm in a verity of activities that was fun for the whole school.

New Year celebration” Snow Party”

28 Dec 2017

On December 27, the New Year celebration- one more amazing “Snow Party” with beautiful scenes, music, dances, was held for the European Kinderegarten kids from English groups. We wish you a happy New Year!

PYP Christmas Carnival

27 Dec 2017

On the 21st of December PYP students took part in our annual winter Christmas carnival. Each grade from year 1 to 5 prepared a small performance, and were able to watch their peers sing, dance and perform on stage. However, PYP students were not the only ones on stage – we had an older student performing a magic show, and even the teachers themselves had their own performance. The event was closed with an exchange of Secret Santa presents and a festive flash mob involving all students. It was a great way for students to complete the semester, celebrating the holiday season, participating in creative activities as well as say goodbye to friends and teachers until next semester!

Transdisciplinary Units

27 Dec 2017

On December 18-21, Transdisciplinary unites were summarized at elementary level of Georgian Program. Students from all four age groups and their teachers were engaged in this activity. In the beginning, first graders presented posters “My appearance and features”, they motivated upper grades who were involved in different projects and set later several performances.

New Year celebration” Snow Party”

25 Dec 2017

On December 23, the New Year celebration built around the theme” Snow Party” was held for European Kinderegarten kids from Georgian groups. In the hall decorated entirely in white, kids dressed also in white sang songs, danced. European Kindergarten children prepared a video “Letter to Santa”. Eventually, Santa visited the event and brought sweets and presents to kids. He also promised to attend the coming “Snow Party” on 27th for English speaking groups.

Signing a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Association of Private Universities and Secondary Schools

25 Dec 2017

The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Association of Private Universities and Secondary Schools on December 23, 2017.

Happy New Year!

25 Dec 2017

We wish you a successful 2018!

European School Charity Campaign

22 Dec 2017

During the first two weeks of December, the European School students engaged in a traditional New Year Charity Campaign-they collected food for people in need. Later, the students visited different orphanages, day care centers, old age homes and delivered sweets and other products. The students’ efforts and time spent with beneficiaries of different institutions was highly appreciated by elderly persons and orphans alike.

Robotics Club Exhibition

22 Dec 2017

On December 21, at the London Avenue, Robotics club members exhibited different models designed during the first semester. 20 pieces with different characteristics attracted visitors from the whole school.

Project “Aircraft”

22 Dec 2017

Within the project “Aircraft”, Grade 4 and 5 students constructed airplanes using different materials. At the end of the project, students participated in a competition where they tested planes, measured flight distance and revealed the best airplane models.

Teaching-learning Process Management System “SCHOOL BOOK“

20 Dec 2017

From the beginning of the year 2017, the European School decided to upgrade the existing electronic program to manage teaching-learning process and implement an innovative project uniting and integrating essential electronic data and educational resources in one system.


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