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Sumo Bot Challenge

12 Dec 2018

On December 11, European School FabLab held "Sumo Bot Challange", the first-ever robot-sumo competition in Georgia. 6th Graders from our school were competing against each other. Their main engineering challenge was to program the robot in a way so that it was able to find its opponent and push it out of a circle (in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo). Several areas were set up by our teachers and only the best participants made it to the final. Under fierce competition, the robot with the most accurately programmed bot won and became "SumoBot of the year 2018".

The Caucasus University Football Tournament

12 Dec 2018

Students of the European School are participating in a football tournament, which is organized by the Caucasus University. Within the tournament, teams from public and private schools of Tbilisi are competing against each other for the trophy. Despite fierce competition, our school's team successfully qualified for the finals and made it to the Top 8.

School Fair 2018

09 Dec 2018

On December 7-8, European School participated in School Fair 2018, which was held at Expo Georgia. The exhibition, the first of its kind in Georgia, was designed to provide a single platform medium for the education sector in one dedicated space and create a venue where all participants in the industry could come together.

Field Trip to Art Palace

07 Dec 2018

On Friday, November 7, our Grade 3A and Grade 3B students from the Georgian Program went on a field trip to the Art Palace. Children saw an exhibition of sketches about various movies and theatrical plays and attended a presentation about new year traditions. In the end, the pupils created and decorated their own ornaments for a christmas tree.

Tree-Planting Campaign for a Greener City

07 Dec 2018

American High School students from the European School had a desire to participate in a green event and decided to plant trees in order to tackle the growing air pollution problem of our city. Tbilisi City Hall provided our students with a designated piece of land on the University Street and supplied them with seedlings of Fraxinus, which they planted by themselves. On Thursday, December 6, 35 our students participated in this event and made their contribution to helping our city become greener. “It is very important for us to participate in this event. We aim to do our best to take care of the environment, as we all know that currently, air pollution is a burning issue for our country. I believe that even a single tree can make a big difference and joint efforts of our society members is all it takes to save our nature in the long-term”- said an 11th-grader. “We would be more than happy to get involved in similar activities in the future and hope that more and more people will take this issue seriously” - mentioned the 10th Grade student. American High school will organize such events in the future, not only in Tbilisi but outside the city as well. Our school continues raising awareness about the importance of a clean environment and is determined to help its students feel responsible for the ecological problems from an early age.

Field Trip to French institute's Media Library

06 Dec 2018

On Tuesday, December 5th, 10th grade students from our MYP Programme French class took a trip to French institute's Media Library. Thanks to their French teacher, Ms. Eliso Chelishvili, the pupils received free 1-year membership to access digital and academic library. In addition, our school received a suitcase with 50 books, lent from the library, which is to be used at the European School for the second semester of the academic year.

Birthday Celebrations at the European School

05 Dec 2018

Our cafeteria offers birthday party packages that are easy and convenient for parents. You can select the menu for your children and their friends online – just fill out the electronic form or place the order at the school reception.

Conversations with Psychologist - How to Check School Disturbance

04 Dec 2018

Student’s support center at the European School continues a series of meetings “Conversations with Psychologist”. On December 4, the meeting was held with the teachers of grades 9-11 to get them acquainted with results of the School Disturbance Survey. The main focus of the meeting was a discussion of the root causes of school disturbance and teachers were given a set of recommendations on how to establish constructive relationships with the students who exhibit a high level of school disturbance.

Fun Sports Games

01 Dec 2018

On Friday, November 30, we said good-bye to autumn and welcomed winter season with fun sports games. Children took part in various competitions and had a great time. They did their best to win and demonstrated an adequate level of physical readiness.

Ambassador of Estonia at the European School

01 Dec 2018

On November 30, 2018, the European School had the honor to welcome the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Georgia, Ms. Kai Kaarelson. The ambassador met with the students of our school and discussed digital capabilities and services that have helped Estonia become a world leader in digital innovation. The pupils of the European School organized a school tour for the guest and showed her around our FabLab, an innovative Digital Fabrication Laboratory, which promises unprecedented educational opportunities in the Georgian education system. At FabLab, our students have access to the most advanced technologies and hands-on STEM education even in the early school years. The ambassador emphasized the importance of educating students for innovation and introducing them to the latest technologies. The European School would like to thank Ms. Kai Kaarelson. We hope that this visit will strengthen the bond between the school and the Estonian community in Georgia.

Meeting with Ambassador of Georgia to the Hellenic Republic

01 Dec 2018

On November 30, Ambassador of Georgia to the Hellenic Republic Ioseb Nanobashvili met with European School pupils from Georgian Program, who visited Athens to conduct a conference and various presentations. Students inquired into Georgia-Greece’s and Georgia-Serbia’s bilateral relations and received information about the Georgian community in Greece. Pupils asked questions about foreign affairs and foreign policy of Georgia. Our pupils actively and successfully participate in the cultural festival "Golden Fleece", which is held with the support of the Embassy of Greece in Georgia, National Archives of Georgia and Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Workshop for PYP Parents

30 Nov 2018

On November 21, the workshop “Introduction to the Primary Years Programme (PYP)” was held for the parents of our PYP pupils. The main idea of the workshop was to familiarize parents with the IB PYP educational philosophy, teaching methodology and learning approaches. The session was organized in an interactive and collaborative way so parents had a great chance to actively participate in the discussions and different tasks. It was useful for the school to get parent feedback regarding their understanding of the PYP curriculum framework. Here is what some of the parents had to say about the workshop: "Now I realize that at PYP, students can share their ideas and learn through different ways", "I appreciate this high level of interaction between students and teachers". These kinds of events will be held once a semester and will ensure that all parents gain a deeper understanding of the PYP.


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