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Digital Technology Week

Digital Technology Week was held in the Mathematics Department and the Department of Languages and Literature of the European School. It aimed to observe how digital technologies have been integrated into teaching and share effective teaching practices among colleagues.

Writer Tamar Gegeshidze

On December 11th, an online  meeting was held  with the writer Tamar Gegeshidze. There was an interesting discussion between the participants, including getting to know the writer’s personality and thematic view of her book “Sashlelebi” or “Erasers”. The meeting was attended by students of 8th-11th grades from the American high school, the Academic Dean- Natia Tevzadze, the organizers of the meeting- the English language and literature teachers, Nana Mukeria and Ani Bochorishvili. The meeting was not only fun, but also educational. It served as a time to increase awareness of the modern Georgian literature. Students got to listen to interesting recommendations set out by the writer. They received recommendations about classroom reading, and tips on how each young person can make their dream of becoming an author a reality.

European School Medical Call Centre

#Wecare  #Let’sdefeatCOVID-19together  #Yourschoolstayswithyou During a global crisis such as COVID-19,  medical assistance, and consultation with a trusted source of expertise became even more crucial. The European School responds to the pandemic with the strategic adaptability, right processes, and preparatory efforts and starts operating a Medical Call Center to protect the health and safety of its students and employees. The ES doctor N.Lomidze remotely will continue to provide the school community with frontline communication and medical assistance so desperately needed in current reality.  Get medical advice from the qualified specialist of the ES Medical Call Center

TEDxIBEuropeanSchool-This Year, We Came Back Virtually!

While all of us are apart, TEDxIBEuropeanSchool managed to offer intellectual entertainment to the European School community by bringing its students, teachers, parents, alumni together in a virtual space.

European School Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vakhtang Bochorishvili Clinic

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the European School Director Sophio Bazadze and the Head of Vakhtang Bochorishvili Clinic David Gadelia. This document implies close cooperation between the school and the clinic during pandemics. On the way to combat the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the European School continues to support the health of students, teachers, and staff. The clinic will provide the school community with a special offer on health care services if needed. Vakhtang Bochorishvili Clinic will offer the European School community emergency medical assistance and patronage throughout curing the disease and testing to detect the virus. Additionally, special offers will be provided on diagnostic services.

Children Support Peers

As you know, the boarding school of Shatili burned down last year. On the same day when this happened, the European School students started a campaign #youjoinustoo. Students united to support their peers and began to collect school supplies. Books, textbooks, photo camera, balls, stationery items, computer accessories, and learning resources – these are only a few objects from the list of gifts delivered to Shatili. Georgian National University SEU joined our initiative and sent 8 computers to Shatili School.

European School is the Leader of the Year

#EuropeanSchool #LeaderoftheYear The international award “Leader of the Year” was awarded to the European School by the Swiss Rating Association and the National Business Ratings Union (NBR-UNION). The European School is a successful international school that earned a gold rating among enterprises of Georgia. The awarding ceremony was held at Bioli Medical Wellness Resort. Congratulations to the school community on this achievement!

#Newchallenge #Newregulations #Digitaltransformation

The European School has started the new academic year with new beginnings, new ideas, new regulations and new technology resources. School digital transformation plan contribute to our ability to effectively respond to challenges. They are essential prerequisites for another successful school year.


Technology in the 21st-century education plays a major role. At the European School, we continue to incorporate emerging technology resources in classrooms to make learning more student-oriented and effective in this new reality. Our goal is to support the first-graders and their parents to address the challenges of distance learning and make the learning process interesting and flexible for kids. To achieve this goal, the school decided to provide the first -grade students with a multifunctional technology device. This device, together with other new technology resources integrated into our classrooms: interactive whiteboards, conference cameras, and document scanners will make online learning more similar to face-to-face learning.


Due to the current epidemic situation in Georgia, on September 15th, classes will begin in online mode at the European School.

Interactive Whiteboard Trainings

Supporting continuous professional development of our teachers and integrating new technologies in teaching are the main goals of the European School. The school develops consistently and tends to reflect on and respond to the ever-changing world. The European School starts the new school year with new beginnings.

Strong Results Achieved during the Challenging Time

We congratulate the class of 2020 on achieving remarkable results in the Diploma Programme. A total of 38 students completed the IB Diploma Programme in 2020. This year’s graduates had to deal with a global disruption that has never been experienced before, but they have managed to overcome obstacles and attained, once again, a strong performance with an average of 35 points. Historically the school's average point score has been significantly above the world average, but this year, the difference between our results and IB global average of 30.0 points was even greater. The ES students also performed very well in terms of subject average (5.54 out of 7, world average 4.8) points. The pass rate of 84% is above the world average (79.1%) as well. The ES congratulates the class of 2020, the teachers and the parents on IB results.