Director's Welcome

Dear Students, Honorable Colleagues and Parents!

Welcome to the European School, one of the truly outstanding international schools of Georgia, which aims to provide an exceptional education in a nurturing and academically challenging environment. Since the school’s opening in 2007, we have established ourselves as an international school where students learn to celebrate diversity in a multicultural environment, develop a spirit of understanding and tolerance, acquire a wealth of experience in the wider world and become global citizens.
No matter which program students are enrolled in – the Georgian Program, International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes or American High School – they share a common bond in striving for excellence. We are committed to providing students with the opportunities and support they need to excel academically and develop fundamental life skills and attitudes that will propel them through life. We aim not only to have students going to the top universities in the world but also to instill in them a lifelong passion for learning and a genuine interest in the world.
Our students experience an exciting student life. They are offered numerous opportunities – both inside and outside the classroom – to explore their talents and develop them to their fullest.
Our willingness to continually improve is what drives the school forward. As a school we are never satisfied with where we are but always striving to be better. During spring of 2020, the crisis caused by pandemic has challenged staff and students to find new ways for learning. We made the best of a difficult situation. Our teachers adopted new paradigm of teaching and offered an incredible journey to students. The school with its strategies, practices, classrooms and educational systems connected to online learning proved to be a leader in educational innovation and improvement.
What is new on the horizon for the European School learning community? We continue to expose students to innovations. They will receive a first-rate education in a safe, state-of-the-art learning environment where facilities are a key ingredient for delivery of high-quality programs – both face to face or distance learning programs. All returning and new students will be welcomed with open arms to our community – we continue to grow!
As the Director I set the highest expectations for all staff and students and by working together with teachers, students and parents we will enable our students to lead enriched, happy and fulfilled lives, making a contribution to the European School, Georgia and the global community.

Sophio Bazadze

Director of the European School