What Makes Our School Unique?

Variety of Programmes

Georgian Programme is based on the Georgian National Curriculum 

Three authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes 

An American High School (AHS) curriculum enriched with Advanced Placement (AP) courses

Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers with doctoral degrees (42), professors (14), teacher trainers in modern teaching methodology (6), IB workshop leaders and school visitors (1), IB examiners (8), AP certified teacher (9), AP examiner (9), English language teachers with CELTA certificate (14), textbook authors (13), ELEOT Certified Teacher (8), SAT Proctor (9), Microsoft Innovative Educator (65), Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (13), National Assessment and Examinations Center Examiner (7), Accreditation Evaluator – Expert (3).

Enquiry-Based Approaches in Teaching and Learning

Student-centred Teaching

Project Based Teaching

Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Teaching

Differentiated Approach in Teaching

Concept and Skill-Based Teaching

International Experience of Teaching

Curriculum Connection to the Real World Stressing International Mindedness

Exchange Programmes

Implementation of Innovative Educational Technologies

Integration of Educational Robotics into the Learning Process

State of the Art Facilities

Classrooms equipped with computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards 

Conference rooms 

Science labs 

Stadium, gymnasiums, and tennis courts 

Computer labs equipped with leading technologies 

School TV studio

Industrial Innovations Laboratory (FabLab)

Exciting Student Life

A wide choice of extracurricular clubs and organizations, student field trips and various events throughout the year

Multicultural Environment

900+ students from 35+ countries 

320+ employees from 11+ countries

Small Class Size

The Wide Range of Library Resources

Book collection containing 14,000 books 

Books offered in multiple languages (English, Georgian, French, German, Greek, Persian and Russian)

Subscription to the online database Questa, allowing access to 83,000 types of different publications, books and periodicals 

Subscription to Raz Kids (an electronic library for elementary school students)

The ES library equips students with its online learning resources: JSTOR, Britannica, Learning A-Z and etc.

Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Appropriate online school diaries (Edupage, ManageBac, Quickschool) in all three programs (Georgian, IB, AHS) 

Online parent portal and Parent Essentials semestral e-newsletters 

School website and Facebook page 

Telephone messaging system 

PTA meetings


The school’s merit-based scholarship recognizes academically exceptional students with excellent character as demonstrated through their academic achievement, activities, and community service.

International School with Authorized International Programmes and Internationally Recognized Diploma