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The Presentation Day “Who Am I”

In the beginning of November we had a presentation on the topic “Who Am I” at the European Kindergarten. The children were happy to present their work to family members and talk about the past topic.

Firs Day at the European Kindergarten

On the first day, Zuzu, Mini, Sunny, Lu, and funny clowns opened the doors of the European Kindergarten to the youngest learners. The kids liked the warm welcome. The joyous celebration reverberated in every corner of the European Kindergarten.

The preschool graduation ceremony

One of a young child’s first celebrated milestones is graduating from preschool. The preschool graduation ceremony, with its activities, awarding of diplomas, and graduation hat throwing, filled the students with pride and confidence. It was a beautiful day permeated with excitement where students demonstrated mastered skills they’ll use for the rest of their academic careers.

Presentation "Self-management" and "How my body works"

At the end of March at the European Kindergarten we had a presentation of past topics. Our children happily hosted family members and presented them with their amazing work.

International Day of Forests

On March 21, we celebrated International Day of Forests in the European Kindergarten. Children worked on group projects. After that we had the exhibition of their amazing works. They talked about the importance and protection of mother nature.

Global Handwashing Day

We celebrated Global Handwashing Day at the European Kindergarten. The teachers talked about the rules of proper hand washing. The kids learned about importance of maintaining hygiene norms for our health.

Preschool Students Start the New Year in New Building

Yesterday, on September 26th, the European Kindergarten opened the doors of a brand new, innovative building. The joyous celebration of the youngest learners reverberated in every corner. Kids liked the warm welcome and got impressed with the design of the new building. White and beige colors used in the interior, the amount of daylight and amount of windows promote a sense of relaxed vitality that comes only with a strong connection to the outdoors, enhance the feeling of space, and create an environment that supports emotional development of preschool students, encourage their thinking and creativity.

First-day celebration at the European Kindergarten together with Zuzu, Mini, Sunny, Lu, and funny clowns.

First-day celebration at the European Kindergarten together with Zuzu, Mini, Sunny, Lu, and funny clowns.

2022 Kindergarten Graduation Day

A graduation ceremony is always a happy occasion for the little ones as they celebrate the end of their preschool years. This year the European Kindergarten graduates dressed up in white attires performed different songs, dances, and rhymes.

Independence Day of Georgia

May 26, we celebrated Independence Day of Georgia at the European Kindergarten. The children made Georgian flags, colored the map of Georgia, and listened to the Georgian national anthem. We took some memorable photos in the kindergarten playground.