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Eight years of building relationships with the alumni of European School has proven that being a European School alumni is a privilege not only throughout the time spent in school, but after graduation as well. Our graduates who successfully continue their education at prestigious European and American universities are united by being European School alumni, giving them a community to rely on during their university years.
In this regard, the European School Alumni Association, founded two years ago, is particularly noteworthy. It aims at growing the connections between the European School and its alumni and responding to the challenges of the modern civilized world.


President of Alumni Association
Nana Goguadze

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Welcome to the European School Alumni Association! As the President, I would like to share with you the many ways you can be involved and support the wonderful opportunities available through the Alumni Association.

Whether you make a monetary donation on our fundraising events or donate your time, support of fellow and future alums will help us all and enable European School to continue on as the great educational institution it is today. The Alumni Association offers opportunities for various networking, community-service events and allows you to reconnect with your classmates. This is your Alumni Association and we are honored to represent you. Take a look at the opportunities listed below and consider how you can be more involved this year.

Social media

We have created our official page on Facebook where we will regularly post updates about our planned events, alumni and their success stories.

Please find the link below and make sure you are connected!


Each year, on the 29th of December we celebrate alumni homecoming. Through our homecoming events, we have offered our students fun activities and various networking opportunities.


The European School has been fostering civic engagement among its students and alumni. We have been closely working with the Georgian Red Cross Society in the past and we are planning some more volunteering and fundraising events in collaboration with them and potentially with other organizations as well.


Our peer mentorship program will be designed to connect current ES students with the alumni. Each student will be assigned to his/her alumni mentor who will provide them with more information about college applications, university environment, career development, internship opportunities and etc.

If you have ideas on projects which might help our fellow alumni or students, please feel free to email me at

I would love to hear from you and, hope to assist in finding an area of the Alumni Association you are passionate about.

Again, thank you for supporting your alumni association and the European School.


Nana Goguadze
President, ES Alumni Association
Class of 2016

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Raha Rikhtehgaran Esfahani, University of New Brunswick, Canada, 2021

Although I studied at European School just for three years, the skills and knowledge gained during that time have immensely contributed to shaping the young adult that I am today. I have learned that no success is possible without coping with difficulties. The IB Diploma Programme developed my approaches to learning skills, and a range of practical skills required for a successful university journey. At European School it was not only about the curriculum, but also about my great teachers. They were not merely transferring the knowledge. Their friendship was always heartwarming. My university, University of New Brunswick, Canada, awarded me a full semester credit and I believe the school have played an extensive role leading to this honor. Ultimately, in my opinion, the key to success is motivation along with determination.

Sofia Okriashvili, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic, 2021

I graduated from European school in 2021, however my history with the school goes all the way back to 2009, when I entered as a first grade student. This school is the place I grew up, so a lot of my childhood memories belong in those halls. European school gave me many things: knowledge, learning skills, opportunities, but aside from the academic experience, I faced the hard reality of growing into a successful person, such as: a challenging environment, temporary failure and rejection. I became the person I am today through the experience I gained during my time at European School: a driven and skilled learner with big plans and dreams that aren't out of reach. As for my future plans, I have successfully been accepted into the Prague University of Economics and Business and I have an interesting career ahead of me. Lastly, if I could give any advice to future and current students of European School, it would be that ambition isn't a bad thing, in fact, it's good to strive to be an ambitious person. However it's more effective to think less about your goals and more about the journey that will lead you towards achieving them.

Mariam Akhalaia, Free University, Georgia, 2021

European School created many possibilities for me. It connected me to many amazing companies such as Kant's Academy, Weski Georgia, Tedx, which, in turn, helped me develop as a person. Kant's Academy helped me improve my communication, logic, and critical thinking, Weski Georgia made me fall in love with camping, leadership, and nature. All this wouldn’t be possible without European School. I must also mention the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting via my school – many professionals who introduced me to interesting spheres. Thanks to the teacher that has been invited by European School I discovered the world of Georgian startups, where I met many wonderful people and learned more about that industry. I am glad to have had this opportunity to feel more, to see more, and to learn more, with the help of my school.

Aruna Ilimzhan, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, 2020

When I joined European School, I immediately saw that it was totally different from my previous school. The atmosphere and the smiling faces of teachers and students made studying so much more enjoyable. During my three years at European School, I have been on a fascinating journey. The journey of becoming the best version of myself with the help of amazing teachers and talented students! I am very grateful for the teachers who were tirelessly helping and encouraging me to always try and by no means refrain from thinking outside of the box. I loved every second of studying at this School. The two years of the IB Diploma Programme, in particular, have been the most transformative of my life. It was a true privilege to be part of this friendly international community.

Salome Jokhadze, Caucasus University, 2017

The European School taught me how to deal with challenges confidently. Experiences and valuable knowledge that I have gained at school will stay with me always. Therefore, I am fully confident in my abilities to overcome difficulties. At school I have befriended students from all age groups who have made learning experiences uncomplicated and diverse. I will always be proud of being an European School alumna.

Sophie Nonikashvili, Lehigh University

"The European School taught me that there are no shortcuts to success, helped me become the best version of myself and directed me to my career goals. My strong academic background and leadership activities helped me create a standout college application, get into top U.S. colleges, and receive funding for my studies.

Natia Kozmanashvili, Caucasus University, 2017

The European school is my second home. This is where I have built a good rapport with my teachers, learnt how to tell right from wrong, and mastered my discussion management, teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills. The school provides us with the conditions required for our professional development and gives us an opportunity to live up to our potential. The school helped me build self-confidence which is hands-down one of the essential keys to success.

Irakli Bezhuashvili, Columbia University, USA, 2020

I have been in/with the European School from the kindergarten to my senior year, so it is only natural that I deeply cherish the memories we’ve made here together with friends, faculty and school staff. Through multiple journeys - from traveling to hell with Dante and Virgil to vicariously living through the entangled intrigues of Hamlet to exploring the brain, mind and behavior, - the European School has given me a firm platform on which to build my future education and career. It is a huge privilege to be studying in an environment full of intellectual vitality. European School gave me the skillset that I increasingly value as I embark on my college journey. Skills starting with collaboration and communication to research and analysis help me stay optimistic about succeeding in one of the best universities in the world – Columbia. College prep resources and the counseling service at our school helped me land acceptances at top colleges, including four ivies (Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, Brown), UC Berkeley and more. My key takeaway is that sometimes school might appear as too arduous, but if we keep our head inside this whirlwind and benefit from both the breadth of knowledge and the intellectual vitality, our classes will become more pleasurable, and our intellectual exertions – more satisfying. Ultimately, we will understand so much more than a typical love story, mathematical equation, or a concept in Psychology.