Student Wellbeing Division

The purpose of the Student Wellbeing Service is to protect the rights of students, to take care of their physical, psycho-emotional condition, and to help them adapt to the environment so that they can realize their full potential.

The service includes a Child Protection officer, a team of psychologists, a doctor, and a speech therapist.

The Child Protection Officer with the team of psychologists aims to:

  • Raise the awareness of the whole school community to prevent violence against children
  • Organize relevant training and workshops for school staff and parents
  • Raise awareness among students about the protection of their rights and security measures
  • Detect the fact of violence and follow the procedures developed for such cases


The team of psychologists takes care of the psycho-emotional state of the students. Individual or group counseling helps to create a learning environment suitable for students, parents, and teachers, to enable them to express themselves, and for students with disabilities to be fully involved in the learning process.

The team of psychologists provides students, their parents, and teachers with the necessary psychological material, various activities, training, and workshops.

Speech therapist

A qualified speech therapist provides appropriate assistance to students with speech issues. The therapist conducts group and individual sessions.

Our school speech therapy office is equipped with all the necessary didactic or technical materials. Innovative methods such as LSVT, Oral Motor, and psychotherapeutic methods, as well as Therapeutic Speech Massage, are used by a speech therapist as a part of the working process.


Student health is a priority at the European School.

The school has a properly equipped medical room for first aid. The doctor, along with teachers, provides physical education instructions and activities at school to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle among students; Supervises the organization of workshops about proper nutrition and the observance of sanitary-hygienic norms; The doctor Systematically carries out sanitary-hygienic preventive works.


Head of Student Wellbeing Services & AP
Ana Chakhnashvili
Child Protection Officer
Eliso Chelishvili
Georgian Program Counselor
Ketevan Osiashvili
Georgian Program Counselor
Kristine Karanaia
PYP Counselor
Mariam Khabeishvili
PYP Counselor
Nino kvrivishvili
MYP Counselor
Ana Khachidze
MYP Counselor
Mariam Mezvrishvili
Nana Lomidze
Inga Gogishvili
Doctor’s Assistant
Doctor’s Assistant
Maia Mateshvili
Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)
Izolda Trapaidze