European School TV Studio (ESTV) has been broadcasting since 17th of September in internal net of the European School and its Internet page

ES TV head is a director, producer, and head of children’s movies international festival “Golden Butterfly” Mr. Irakli Jaoshvili.

ES TV is a children’s TV studio equipped with modern digital technologies. School territory has a cable network which broadcasts the TV signal to 220 monitors. ES TV can be viewed in classes, conference halls, administration rooms, corridors, cafeteria, dining hall and preschool center.

ES TV has its own symbols: Logo, Intro. It broadcasts in school cable network from 8:30 AM to 17:30 PM.

The main goal of ESTV is to participate in the learning process: ES TV has a broadcasting schedule which is planned by preliminary announcements. For example a teacher makes an announcement of when and where she wants to show the students prepared videos. Showing scientific, documental or creative videos to students during the lessons help them to analyze the subject or the topic they are learning in a better way.

ES TV is an educational-creative laboratory which includes: a studio, montage and equipment room and voiceover studio. Students learn journalistic basics here, learn how to operate journalistic equipment and practically realize their ideas.

ES TV programs include broadcasting of the news every week – “This news” or “ES News” in English and Georgian, the programs: “Long break with Mari”, “Liza’s Top Ten”, “Small tricks with a camera”, “Ika’s lunch”, “Who is first”, “Zuka’s Show”, “Detective Marikusha”, “Ana’s Show”, “Happy Ana-Lizas”, “Culinary Analysis”, TV series “Adventures of Chocho”, the documental show about important facts and events in school. In 2016 an additional project “European School profile” was added to the ES TV program, where the audience is introduced to successful teachers and students. ES TV journalists prepare a talk show every month “Meeting with school director”, which is broadcast live.

ES TV prepares an annual contest “My class” every last Wednesday of October and announces the winner in the categories: the best reporter, the best host and the best director.

On the 1st of June 2011 children’s studio and international festival of children’s films “Golden Butterfly” were created on ES TV base (students under age 18 are welcomed to participate in the festival). The festival includes short film contest, master classes, workshops and an award ceremony. Festival is held annually and announces the winners in 10 nominations. The contest is judged by both competent and children’s jury.

The web-page address of children’s international festival “Golden Butterfly” is as follows:


Head of ESTV
Irakli Jaoshvili