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PYP Project - "Seven Wonders of the world"

In an exciting language journey, students at the European School Primary Years Programme (PYP) of Georgian B fifth grade delved into the enchanting topic of the seven wonders of the world. Their exploration wasn't confined to books alone – these young minds brought creativity to the forefront by crafting unique models for their group presentations.

Fall Festival

Today, the European School celebrated the Fall Festival. The Community event initiated by the ES Student Parliament Chairperson included the opportunity to dress in autumn-themed colors, exhibit fall-themed decorations, to participate in fruit basket contests, face painting activities, and bake-sale. Funds raised throughout the Fall Festival will be donated to support the campaign Together for Achi.

PYP Goes Green

One of the great ways to be green is to give to others.  PYP students and teachers joined the #ESGreenYear campaign and initiated collecting gently used clothes and toys and donating them to orphanages.  All collected items were delivered to the organization "Child and Environment", little family-type orphanages in Rustavi and Norio.

International Conference

With the support of the Council of Europe office in Georgia, the first international Conference, “A Child-friendly Justice System and Child Rights, The Best European and American Experience,” took place on November 20th, 2023.

Literacy Week

ლიტერატურული კვირეული განსაკუთრებული, დაუვიწყარი შთაბეჭდილებების მომტანი იყო მოსწავლეებისთვის. წიგნების ფესტივალი, ახალი გამოცემების წარდგენა, ლიტერატურული ვიქტორინის გამარჯვებულთა დაჯილდოება, მწერლებთან: მარიამ წიკლაურთან, რატი ჩიქოვანთან შეხვედრა, ჯგუფი “ნუ მიეყრდნობის" კონცერტი და ბოლოს, კვირეულის კულმინაცია - მწერალი დათო ტურაშვილის მასპინძლობა, მოზარდებისთვის იყო შესაძლებლობა, კიდევ ერთხელ დაფიქრებულიყვნენ ლიტერატურის მნიშვნელობაზე და გაეთავისებინათ წიგნის კითხვის მშვენიერება.

ES students want to be Green!

The European School community members inspire each other to take small steps into a greener footprint and make a real difference by supporting environmental sustainability.

Election 2023

Today, Student Parliament Chairman Elections were held at the European School. 787 students from grades 6-12 voted at polling places. After the casting of ballots, counting and announcement of election results took place sequentially. The results are in, and we are pleased to announce the new Chairman of the ES Student Parliament - Mariam Bezhuashvili.

Haloween - 2023

The European School was in the Halloween spirit yesterday - fun, energy, pumpkins, happy Superheroes, Fairies, Witches, Ghosts, and other interesting characters walking around. Excited faces were seen everywhere as children posed for photographs.

#ElectionDebates2023 #ESStudentParliament

The European School annually hosts the debates before the Student Parliament Chairman Elections. Election Debates 2023, held on October 25th, allowed candidates to represent themselves and address their campaign platform to the student body. Student leaders running for the Chairman position answered questions from other candidates and the audience.

Healthy Lifestyle by PYP

IB PYP joined the ES Green Year campaign. During their first transdisciplinary theme, Who We Are, grade 3 students inquired into the healthy lifestyle. They learned the importance of a balanced diet, sleep, hygiene, and being active. Thus, at the end of the unit, the students decided to put their knowledge into action and organize a marathon on Turtle Lake. Together with the Georgian teacher Ms. Lika, the students prepared fliers that they distributed on the lake to promote healthy living and spread awareness. The students ran two laps around the lake and exercised using the sports equipment available at the lake. The students had a great time and were able to see that exercising can be fun and engaging.

PYP Assembly - Choose Kindness

The European School  Primary Years Programme’s (PYP) counselors recently organized a heartwarming Wellbeing Assembly for students in grades 1 through 5. The theme of the assembly was "Choose Kindness," and it aimed to instill in our young learners the values of empathy, compassion, and the significance of simple acts of kindness.

Global Handwashing Day

Providing hygiene education to our students is essential for the European School. Global Handwashing Day is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the importance of handwashing and to spread awareness. This year, American Hospital Tbilisi visited our school and, in a creative and fun way, encouraged children to wash their hands with soap.