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Europe Week

Every year, the European School celebrates Europe Day aiming to develop among students respect for their own culture and the cultures, languages, values and traditions of others. The Europe Week program started with a showcase of a documentary film - Europe and Me, presented by Young European Ambassadors.


On May 6th, the European School and Les Roshes - one of the world's leading hospitality institutions, signed a memorandum of understanding. Parties have announced a unique partnership to deliver an International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) in hospitality. The memorandum was signed by the European School Director Sophia Bazadze and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education CEO Carlos Díez de la Lastra.

Feria de Abril-at the European School

The Seville April Fair, also called Feria de Abril, is the most important cultural festival in the city. People come to April Fair every year to celebrate, dance, laugh, eat, drink, and enjoy.  La Feria is normally held in April. Women are dressed in a beautiful variety of flamenco dresses. The men can be seen in blue Corto uniform suits and hats as they ride their horses through the streets. People enjoy typical Andalusian dishes, Flamenco music, and dance that surround them in every corner of Seville. 

Self Governance Day

The European School fosters a culture that places initiative, responsibility, and power to change in students’ hands. Today, the school celebrated Self Governance Day and provided students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, take on roles and responsibilities of whole staff for one day, and govern almost every aspect of life at the ES.

PYP Elections

Under the unit ‘How we organize ourselves’ grade 5 students inquired into the different forms of government systems. As part of their summative task, students held PYP Presidential Elections 2022. They were divided into 9 groups and each group elected its candidates. During the past 2 weeks, students prepared speeches, engaged in activities to promote their candidates, prepared presentations, created logos and slogans, and supported their campaign.

Day of Mother Language

On April 14th, the European School celebrated the Day of Mother Language (Deda Ena). For the Georgian nation, there is a fundamental bond between the mother language, independence, a sense of identity, and ethnic consciousness.

PYP 5C students initiated an integrated project of ICT and Robotics

During the ICT lesson students created interactive stories, games and animations using the programming language in Scratch. These projects were published online and played with other students from the whole world.

Ana Maria Iakobidze - From European School to Top UK and US Universities

Great News from the European School’s University and Career Counseling Office! The European School is celebrating another successful application season. Our graduates are once again admitted to leading colleges and universities abroad.

Student-Led Conference

Today Apr 8, 2022 MYP school held a very important event. The Student-Led Conference was arranged by students in grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The SLC is designed to provide MYP students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes necessary to become active and responsible lifelong learners who help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Government, its function, and its purpose

On April, 6th, 2022 the fifth graders of the PYP section of European School had the pleasure of meeting the guest speaker, Mr.Gia Poladishvili, practicing Tbilisi attorney, as part of their inquiry into the unit of How we organize ourselves around the topic of Government, its function and its purpose. 

Another great experience for the European School students!

We are delighted to announce that the European School was granted the authorization to offer the IB Career-related Programme (CP) to its students. The ES is the first and only full continuum IB World School in Georgia offering all four programs of the International Baccalaureate: IBPYP, IBMYP, IBDP, and IBCP.

Stand With Ukraine

The European School Student Parliament, in moments of danger and grief for the Ukrainian people, plays an active role in expressing solidarity. To provide help and support to Ukrainians, students collected humanitarian aid: food, hygiene items, medical kits, and supplies that are most needed in Ukraine. Thanks to the Georgia Red Cross Society and Meama company, these supplies will be delivered to Ukraine.