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The European School Student Trip to European Institutions

On January 7-13, the European School students participated in the international program: Georgian Youth in Global Affairs, organized by Young Diplomats of Georgia and the European Alliance for Georgia. Attending a seminar on Georgia’s EU membership prospects with Mr. Romain Strasser (Head of Intercultural Dialogue at the European Parliament, the Board Member of EAFG), making presentations on world issues at European Commission, meeting with the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the senior decision-makers of the European Committee of Regions, visiting the Belgian Federal Parliament, the Belgian Senate, the Parlamentarium, the visitors' center of the European Parliament, and the House of European History was a great insightful opportunity to step into the EU institutions to witness from the inside how they operate.

Happy New Year

Take some time and enjoy the events held at the European School during this festive time of the year. Christmas Celebrations where Santa Claus greeted students, drama performances, New Year Ball, Winter Dance 2022…  And that's just half of the amazing events hosted at the ES recently.

The European School is the most media literate school of the Year!

The European School two teams became the first place winners of the competition organized by the Media Development Foundation (MDF) with the support of the Public Diplomacy Office at NATO. The  Most Literate School prize, laptop and tablet was awarded to our teams. The ES winning projects - online game  SmartOwl2023 and the board game Night of Trolls will support the development of student media literacy and information literacy skills. The winning teams are: American High School grade 12 students’ team(Ekaterine Gorgadze, Aleksandre Shonia, Sina Abdolahzade, Nikoloz Paniashvili) supervised by the Computer Science teacher Shorena Abesadze and MYP grade 10 students’ team ( Ana Gelenidze, Elene Gamkrelidze, Mariam Bezhuashvili) supervised by the Design teachers Guranda Gogaladze and Neli Bobokhidze.

New Year's Celebration at PYP

Students' initiative to celebrate the final week of 2022 with a spirit week was followed up by the celebration of the holiday season at the PYP. Students were engaged in different musical group and individual performances including singing New Year’s themed songs in different languages and performances with body percussion instruments. Students had parties with animators afterwards.  Happy upcoming 2023 Year from the IB PYP students of the European School. 

From #EuropeanSchool to the #IvyLeague

Great news from the European School's University Counseling Office - our student admitted early to an Ivy League university. Mishiko Gabaidze from the IB Diploma Programme will continue his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Mishiko! We are extremely proud of you!

Meeting with the UN Global Compact Regional Director

On the 6th of December, IB DP hosted the regional director of UN Global Compact, Ms. Salome Zurabishvili. The meeting was dedicated to UN Sustainable Development Goals and global challenges that current mankind faces and how can each individual contribute to dealing with them. Our guest facilitated an interactive game at the end of the meeting and gave presents to students. Developing a network among international organizations and providing volunteering opportunities to students represent one of the priorities of IB DP CAS Program. 

The Hour of Code in PYP

PYP students celebrated “The Hour of Code” and presented their work during the PYP Assembly. Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science using fun activities students play, explore and create several games. PYP students also participated in the typing competition. The fastest student in typing at PYP was Aleksandre Gasviani who typed 69 words per minute. The winners got certificates and badges.

PYP Presidential Elections

Grade 5 students concluded their second unit of inquiry “How we organize ourselves” by hosting PYP presidential elections 2022-2023. Each class elected two candidates, by voting. The candidates then worked together with their teams on their campaigns. Students created logos, slogans, posters and flyers to promote their candidate. The candidates participated in debates and presented their campaign to the PYP community. On the 2nd of December, the PYP community elected their president. Grade 5 students had different roles during the elections, they were signing up the participants, giving out ballots and stamping the ones who voted. They guided the whole process and were principled and communicators. Anna Openko was elected as the PYP president.


On November 30th, the European School hosted its 9th TEDx conference -   TEDxIBEuropeanSchool.   Nine speakers from Georgian, AHS, and IB programs shared their Ideas Worth Spreading. From environmental issues to healthy lifestyles, sustainable agricultural practices, translation difficulties, performing art, risk-taking, decision-making, expressing opinion freely, and appreciation for history, each area allowed us “Being More” of ourselves through self-development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

IB DP hosted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager of Liberty bank on the 13th of November. Our guest shared her experience in terms of social projects and the importance of social responsibility. With help of the question and answer session, students managed to link their theoretical knowledge with practical examples and moved forward to completing CAS program successfully. 

CAS workshop at Radisson Tsinandali

IB DP organized CAS workshop in Kakheti, where students had practical activities with the help of which they improved their understanding of reflections and their importance for personal development. Within the tour, students visited museum of Alexander Chavchavadze and Schumi Winery and had masterclasses of making Churchkhelas. 

UN Days at PYP

PYP students inquired into the UN Days and celebrated Science Day, TV Day, World Toilet Day, etc. Students worked in teams or individually with the guidance from the teachers and parents and worked on creating the videos demonstrating their understanding of the importance of these days. During Science Day grade 4B conducted different experiments based on the current unit “How the world works”. They explored different types of energy during this activity. Grade 1A and 2A recorded videos showing the importance of personal hygiene celebrating the World Toilet Day. All of the holidays were chosen by the PYP Student Council members together with the PYP community. Join us!