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Teacher Conference

The European School hosted the Teacher Conference on May 27th to shed light on the vital roles and emerging trends in education. The education conference gathered teachers, researchers, and education professionals from different institutions.

Last Bell

On May 19, the school bell rang for the last time for 12th graders.  Reliving childhood memories, cheering and the dynamic and charming performance of cheerleaders, the planting of a tree by graduates, autograph sessions, teachers dressed like students, and colored smoke, impressed us all and made the event more dazzling and colorful.

Young Diplomats of Georgia

Non-governmental organization "Young Diplomats of Georgia" awarded the European school Students with Certificates for participation in international projects. Six participants of the digital marketing training program were awarded with the certificates of appreciation for successful completion of the program.

Chinese International Calligraphy Competition

The European School student from the MYP grade 7b Saganelidze Nodar received an Award of Excellence for the Most Creative Work in the Chinese International Calligraphy Competition.  His painting with Georgian letters and Chinese words: Culture, Friendship, Tradition, and History, represents the friendship between Georgia and China. 

MYP Olympiad

The MYP students recently went on the CAS trip to Prague as part of the Global Exchange program. The experience was truly enriching, and our students made a significant impact through their engagement in various community service projects: Urban Farming, Cooking for the Homeless, and a Fundraising Initiative to Support Elderly People.

Red Cross campaign

On May 8, the Georgia Red Cross Society celebrated World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. The event held in “Bazari Orbeliani” aimed to support Ukrainian children. The European School students who regularly volunteer in Red Cross campaigns actively participated in the event, entertained invited children, performed Ukrainian songs, and donated all their skills and time to raise funds by offering specially baked muffins to visitors.

Cultural Exchange Assembly

"On May 10, European school IB PYP conducted a Cultural Exchange Assembly. Georgian as a Second Language teacher Nini Kamushadze (PYP) and Baku School Lyceum 6 teacher Zaur Aliyarov held an event to celebrate the cultures of Azerbaijan and Georgia. During the event, students presented Georgia and Azerbaijan in different ways: dances and songs in national costumes, and sharing educational videos about Georgia and Azerbaijan. At the end of the event, students asked each other various questions about flags, the alphabet, and religion. Overall, it was a true celebration of the internationally minded and open-minded learners.

Spelling Bee at PYP

On May 15 grade 5 students participated in the Spelling Bee competition. Five students were chosen from each parallel grade and they represented their classes in the finals. The students did an amazing job spelling the words and three winners were announced: Anna Soldatkina, Maiia Lovenetskaya, Alia El-Bekai. They were awarded with certificates and presents from school. This was a great opportunity for children to participate in the collaborative event and show their skills and knowledge.

The Gori women's choir

A world-famous Georgian choral conductor, the artistic director of the Gori women's choir, Ms Teona Tsiramua was invited to the European School on April 28 to conduct a joint master class together with the ES music teacher Ms Nino Chalisuri. PYP Grade 3 students were given the opportunity to interview Ms. Teona, asking the questions they had prepared about the specifics of the profession within the frames of their inquiry into the unit about 'jobs'. At the end of the meeting, the students and the musicians performed African and Georgian songs, accompanied by the drums and the guitar.

Personal Project Exhibition

On May 4th, the European School held the MYP Personal Project Exhibition - a celebration of hard work on a project of personal choice where students showcased their knowledge gained, goals achieved, and the development of the skills they chose to focus on.

Europe Day

On May 5th, traditionally, the European School celebrated Europe Day and stressed European values and principles, held a conference - European Visions, European Values for the European School Students, and a concert, bringing together multiple cultural groups of students, teachers, and parents. 

Spring Song Festival

Spring Song Festival, celebrated by the PYP Programme, was a charity event filled with music, dance, flowers, and crafts, a time of appreciating music and Spring.