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First day of school

It is wonderful to welcome new and existing students on campus and celebrate the new school year. We at the ES tried to add some fun to this exciting day to make it memorable. The festive air was filled with the sounds of drums; soap bubbles floated around; stilt walker performers with colorful costumes performed cheerful walking acts; living statues and humanoid robots brought joy to children.

The European School has become a №1Golden Brand in Georgia.

On June 25th, 2022, the 17th Award Ceremony of Golden Brand was held at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi. Organized by Global Idea and The Financial, Golden Brand is recognized as the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia. It acknowledges businesses for outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. The European School has become the winner and number one private school in the country.

PYP Exhibition and PYP Graduation 2021-2022

For their final unit, ‘Sharing the Planet’, grade 5 students participated in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involved them in identifying, investigating, and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. Students planned the exhibition, gathered materials, recorded, reflected, and finally, presented their projects. Students were grouped according to their interests. They chose different global issues to investigate, and created their central ideas, lines of inquiry, key concepts, learner profile traits, and ATL skills. There were 9 groups in total. Students identified and facilitated actions and reflected on them. They organized charity bake sales and collected money to donate to different organizations. They donated to the UN Refugee Fund, Dog Organization Georgia, and collected food, toys, clothes, and stationery supplies for refugees and the ones in need. They planted trees and bought trees and plants to help save the environment. Students found sponsors for animals at the shelter and raised awareness against bullying, discrimination, deforestation, global warming, world hunger, animal abuse, and endangered animals. Students worked collaboratively, drawing upon and extending their skills, knowledge, and interests, and making a positive difference to others. The PYP Exhibition was followed by the Graduation Ceremony. Students gave speeches during the ceremony, were awarded certificates, and performed in front of their parents. They celebrated the end of PYP and thanked the PYP community for supporting them throughout the years.

Arveladze brothers

Arveladze brothers inspire thousands of football fans in Georgia and have a huge positive social impact. The European School students from grade 5, within the unit History of Georgian Football, learned about famous football players of Georgia. A culmination of the unit was a surprise visit of the Arveladze brothers to the European School. They visited the poster exhibition of grade 5 students, answered the ES students’ questions, and offered them a master class. 

PYPGraduation & MYPGraduation

A graduation ceremony of IB PYP and IB MYP students of the European School was held on Friday, June 10th, at the Main Hall. It was an overwhelming day for all. The event acknowledged students for their successful completion and participation in the International Baccalaureate programmes. The coordinators presented each student with a certificate. The Head of IB Programmes, teachers, and parents addressed students and wished them a successful transition into following IB programmes. The students shared their experiences being in PYP and MYP and enjoyed the day to the fullest. The event ended on an exciting note with a tossing of the graduation caps. Although students are transiting from one programme to another in the same school, still they felt emotional.

The Graduation Ceremony of the European School IB DP Class of 2022

On June 7th, the European School held the graduation ceremony of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) students. The Head of IB Programmes Dr. Brice Bomo and DP Coordinator Ramaz Sartania congratulated graduates. This year, an honor to deliver a graduate’s speech was entrusted to Ana Maria Iakobidze and Mariam Tsivtsivadze. The School Director Sophio Bazadze awarded Certificates of Excellence and the European School medals to the following students: Mariam Tsivtsivadze, Ana Maria Iakobidze, Natia Dzagnidze, Mariami Khazhomia, Arshia Bahrami, Hasti Kargarfard, Mikhail Gedekhauri, Elene Robakidze, Anna Bregvadze and Maya Rukhadze.

Students visited the plastic recycling plant “Polyvim"

PYP students visited the plastic recycling plant "Polyvim". They saw the whole process of recycling starting with the storage of the plastic and till recycled products. They observed the sorting out process and understood its importance. Students made a lot of connections with the fields of their investigation for the PYP Exhibition - recycling and upcycling processes and the effect the plastics pollution has on the animals. The guide of the recycling factory answered all of the inquiries PYP students had and was extremely supporting throughout the whole tour. The whole trip was full of exploration and everyone enjoyed it.

Student Academic Conference

On May 26th to June 3rd, the European School hosted an annual Student Academic Conference. In engaging and dynamic environment of the conference, students shared research results around topics from Social Sciences, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Arts, Innovative Technologies, and Sciences. 

#FlowerFestival #EuropeanSchool

Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere. Today, Hundreds of students in colorful floral print dresses and flower crowns highlighted the beauty of flowers at the European School. The school Flower Festival featured art exhibitions, concerts, and craft workshops held in the school's beautiful garden.  This amazing celebration showcased the creativity of the European School students.

Culture Day

Students organized and led Culture Day as a part of their Exhibition project. One of the Exhibition groups that inquired into the topic of the discriminations and stereotypes have initiated this day. They brought traditional dishes and shared them within the school community. Students got dressed up in their national costumes - Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc. It was a great way to once more celebrate the importance of different cultures and traditions.

Independence Day of Georgia

The European School celebrated Independence Day of Georgia with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. On that day, a sense of happiness and pride was seen on the faces of all the students and teachers. The program started with a procession of students carrying national flags, followed by a parade in the schoolyard, where the primary program students showcased their respect and love towards their nation by dressing up in national costumes. After the flag hoisting ceremony, the celebration continued in the main hall, where History teacher Maia Tsenguashvili addressed students with a motivational and patriotic speech. Students paid tribute to the Georgian national heroes, by wearing t-shirts with their printed images.

Social Responsibility

Founders of Impactor Agency - Salome Gasviani & Dzerassa Sanakoeva held an online webinar with the students of European School, regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its implementation in business operations.