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Spirit week

Once a year PYP students have a spirit week. Spirit week is week where various themed activities happened. Students are encouraged to wear outfits that correspond with certain theme for the day. During the spirit week students had following theme: My favorite color day, favorite character day, science day, pajama day and Sport Day. Students were engaged in many activities, they had a wonderful week and a lot of fun.

Student's presentations

On 24 February MYP 6 Graders presented their animations. According to their Unit- “Myths and Legends-belief in magic or mirror of reality? " they studied Georgian and Byzantine myths and made animations. Students were divided into 6 groups. They chose different themes: episodes from Amiran Myth, Kopala and Iakhsar myths. Grade 9 students were their mentors and they were working together during 2 weeks. The most interesting and entertaining part was when students asked questions to parents about myths. students gained leadership, collaborative, research skills.

Jewish-Georgian Memorandum

“Israeli Center for Young Leaders“ and the European School signed a memorandum of understanding. Exchange programs planned for Israeli and Georgian students supports establishing stable and beneficial collaboration between the youth of two countries. Youth plays an important role in developing friendship, solidarity, and peace in the world. At the meeting, students presented both countries and performed Israeli and Georgian anthem.

Workshop for the parents

The PYP community has conducted another informative workshop for the parents. This time the workshop was orientated on the understanding of the 5 essential elements of PYP. Parents had a chance to not only receive information about them but also see their implementation in action. Our students, under the guidance of the coordinator and their homeroom teachers, have conducted demo lessons for the parents and showed the understanding of the key concepts, application of ATL skills and demonstrated the learner learner attributes. At the end of the workshop parents reflected by sharing their knowledge and understanding of the 5 essential elements and presenting it to the participants.

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on February 21. PYP students discussed importance of language and how it is one of the defining element of culture. Students wrote on the posters proverbs and famous sayings from each countries, dance, sing a song. Parents and homeroom teacher were storytelling. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of language and cultural diversity.

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February. It was first proclaimed by UNESCO in 1999 to preserve and promote linguistic and cultural diversity. Since then it is being celebrated every year across the world by holding different events. It is estimated by UNESCO that half of the over 6,000 plus languages spoken today will disappear in the nearest future. On Mother Language Day, the European School students came to school dressed in national costumes, held calligraphy contest, exhibited alphabet paintings, met writers, arranged a flash mob and participated in a diverse cultural program aiming to preserve mother tongue.

Museum at the School

Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts presented an educational project at the ES and exhibited collection items: manuscripts created in three writing systems used to write the Georgian language as well as Latin, Greek and Italian manuscripts. Among others, an exact copy of the Vani Gospels - the manuscript composed at the Queen Tamar of Georgia’s request was exhibited. The guests showed 3D installation demonstrating a unique heritage of Georgian and foreign manuscripts. Within the project, the students met the Doctor of Philology Eka Dughashvili who held a lecture about unique manuscripts.

Robot Competition

On February 17, 6th graders participated in robot competition where robots competed in scoring galls on a football pitch. The competition aimed to motivate students and raise interest in the Robotics subject. The final competition between 6th graders will be held in March where the winning team will be named.

Our Basketball Team at the Basketball Championship

The ES Basketball team became the first team in A group at Tbilisi Basketball Classic 2020 to qualify for the quarter-final where our players won games against the QSI team and the team of Givi Zaldastanishvili American Academy. The final match was tense and exciting. Two players from the ES team left the field due to injuries. This affected the final result- the ES lost 74-79 against QSI.

IB DP students CAS assembly

IB DP students attended the CAS assembly on 14th of February, goal of which was to improve knowledge regarding, CAS project stages. Hereby, throughout the assembly, students have been trained how to register and manage CAS projects in the school electronic system - Managebac.

Interactive meeting

On February 11, Grade 6 students from MYP met PYP Grade 5 students in PYP library. 6th Graders conducted an orientation session about Exhibition in PYP. They also made presentations and talked about changes in MYP. Meeting was interactive. 5th graders asked questions about lessons, teachers, lunch time, tests and free periods in MYP.

PYP teachers workshop

PYP teachers went to the workshop overseas. They have attended two workshops - Approaches to learning Cat 3 in Dubai (Tina Gugushvili) and Evidencing learning Cat 2 in Cairo (Tamuna Merkviladze).  Both of the workshops were very  effective and helped to deepen the understanding of IB PYP programme. After the workshops both of the teachers exchanged their experience during the PD sessions.