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PYP Graduation 2020

On the 19th of June PYP held online graduation ceremony for grade 5 students. Whole PYP community, including IB head, administration, teachers and parents came together to celebrate this event. In the beginning of the ceremony students were addressed by Dr Brice Bomo and Mrs. Marina Chelidze, who congratulated students on successful completion of PYP. Homeroom teachers also thanked students for their hard work and dedication. After students were awarded with certificates and watched slide show of their photos taken during the learning process. At the end of the ceremony students delivered speech and summarized their experience in PYP and thanked their teachers and administration. This was truly an emotional moment in the life of PYP community. We wish our students success in all their new beginnings!"

Experiences and Expertise from Across the World

The success of the European School is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its teachers and leaders. The school uses experiences and expertise from across the world. Educators from many different cultures play a critical role in the development of our IB programmes. The international faculty continues to grow at the ES. From the new academic year, several experienced and expert leaders and educators will join our team. They all demonstrate important pedagogical attributes, qualifications, perspectives, and practices of excellent teaching. Our new colleagues have been successfully delivering IB programmes and taking a number of leadership roles in various IB world schools.

Microsoft has Awarded Certificates to the European School Team

The European School team presenting Georgia, together with teams from six different countries, took part in an international open lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!” conducted by Microsoft company. The special certificates were awarded to the European School, the teachers: Shorena Abesdaze and Guranda Gogaladze and the students: Niaz Mahdavi, Mishiko Gabaidze, Nini Gabaidze, Ana-maria Iakobidze, Ana Diasamidze, Nugzar Shoshiashvil, Anastasia Gobianidze, and Mariam Jakhua.

Thank you teacher

At the end of the semester, after completing the online learning program successfully, the European School students wrote Thank You Letters to their teachers and expressed love and gratitude in this way.

Sharing the planet

After completion of their inquiry into the last unit this year "Sharing the planet", Grade 3A PYP students took action and expressed their understanding of the unit by artistically creating their messages in the form of a poem. Besides showing their comprehension of the topic in their written work, the third graders also presented their understanding of the various types of poems while choosing the one that would contain their thoughts in the best possible way. This work showed that 3A PYP students understand what it means to be a global citizen by trying to make an impact on various global disasters using the magic of their words.

Online PYP Exhibition 2019 – 2020

Students celebrated the power of their learning on May 28. PYP exhibition for grade 5 was held online. This is a culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme. Grade 5 students were dived into 6 project-based work to cover the unit “Sharing the Planet”. The research topic was: Intolerance, Conflicts and Resolution, Languages, Pollution, Technological Innovations and Healthy Lifestyle. Students connected concepts to the lines of inquiry and wrote down key questions that they would try to answer during their research. After gathering all the necessary information and doing interviews, survey and action, students started working on their final presentation. They used, Sway and Power Point Presentations to organize their findings. At the most important academic event of the PYP, the students showcased spectacular presentations. #PYPX2020

Personal Project Exhibition

May 29th saw the culmination of all the hard work put in by Year 10 MYP students with their Personal Projects Exhibition. Once again, we saw an amazing array of varying ideas that have been generated almost nine months of work. Projects ranged from educational resources, computer games and applications, Neurobiological projects, startups, online shops, travel guides, tours, photo albums, and many more.

The European School –Participant of Microsoft Teams Live Event

International Open Lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!” The European School-leading school in online teaching is a partner of Microsoft Company and therefore has access to the latest software, services, and platforms.

UN Global Network

Director of UN Global Network Georgia and Civil Development Agency (CiDA) conducted an online meeting with ES IB DP students, under the CAS event on the 27th of May. Ms. Salome Zurabishvili shared the experience in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and discussed the importance of individual responsibilities towards society. Our guest introduced UN Sustainable Development Goals to our students, together with the ways of achieving them. European School continues to organize useful events for the students online as well.

Exhibition projects

Since April, PYP grade 5 students have been working on their exhibition projects. Three students, Maryam Huseynova, Nikoloz Panjakidze and Atila Rousta have been actively researching issue of intolerance and discrimination. They have decided to take action and together created a video to spread awareness about this important topic. Through this video students are sending a powerful message to everyone: our differences make us human! They encourage people to show respect and empathy, think before they act and be tolerant!   

The European School Supervisory Board Chairman's Gela Bezhuashvili's Address to Alumni

Let’s Create a Success Story Together! The European School alumni are an integral part of the school community. The school doors are wide open to alumni.  From June, 2020, as soon as earlier imposed restrictions will be loosened, the school facilities, where all required guidelines are followed to prevent spreading of COVID infection, become fully available to alumni. In the summertime, they may use the school infrastructure every day from 10a.m. till 8 p.m. after pre booking the desired space. The alumni can use FabLab technology equipment for startup projects and may receive funding from the school.


The European School IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Grade 5 students are preparing for the exhibition. Their topic is related to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the biggest global problems the world faces today. On May 10th, 2020 students had an online interview with Saba Pipia, Deputy Head of the Municipal Department of Environment Protection. They asked him different questions about regulations and projects that Tbilisi City Hall has to protect the environment. Saba Pipia gave information about waste management. He also talked about future projects and plans to prevent and reduce environmental pollution.