03 Dec 2022

On November 30th, the European School hosted its 9th TEDx conference -   TEDxIBEuropeanSchool.   Nine speakers from Georgian, AHS, and IB programs shared their Ideas Worth Spreading. From environmental issues to healthy lifestyles, sustainable agricultural practices, translation difficulties, performing art, risk-taking, decision-making, expressing opinion freely, and appreciation for history, each area allowed us “Being More” of ourselves through self-development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

03 Dec 2022

IB DP hosted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager of Liberty bank on the 13th of November. Our guest shared her experience in terms of social projects and the importance of social responsibility. With help of the question and answer session, students managed to link their theoretical knowledge with practical examples and moved forward to completing CAS program successfully. 

CAS workshop at Radisson Tsinandali

03 Dec 2022

IB DP organized CAS workshop in Kakheti, where students had practical activities with the help of which they improved their understanding of reflections and their importance for personal development. Within the tour, students visited museum of Alexander Chavchavadze and Schumi Winery and had masterclasses of making Churchkhelas. 

UN Days at PYP

28 Nov 2022

PYP students inquired into the UN Days and celebrated Science Day, TV Day, World Toilet Day, etc. Students worked in teams or individually with the guidance from the teachers and parents and worked on creating the videos demonstrating their understanding of the importance of these days. During Science Day grade 4B conducted different experiments based on the current unit “How the world works”. They explored different types of energy during this activity. Grade 1A and 2A recorded videos showing the importance of personal hygiene celebrating the World Toilet Day. All of the holidays were chosen by the PYP Student Council members together with the PYP community. Join us!

Georgian culinary masterclass

22 Nov 2022

PYP learners from grade 3 participated in a Georgian culinary masterclass. They learned the history behind the authentic recipes of khachapuri and churchkhela and had a go at making them themselves. Afterward, they savored their food and seemed happy with their hard work results.

Literary Week

22 Nov 2022

Literary Week brought students, books, authors, illustrators, and publishers together in the European School and enabled children to experience the magic of books.  Children met Lela Tsutskiridze - an author of Martico’s Apple Tree, and hung apples made in FabLab on the three showing their wish for peace. George Lapiashvili read small parts from Zaira Arsenishvili’s book Short Kato’s Adventure, conducted a workshop to inspire young imaginations, and thought how to make miniature books. On Astrid Lindgren’s birthday anniversary, students came dressed up as Pippy, Karlson, and Ronja. Students discovered latest books of their favorite and new authors displayed by Sulakauri Publishing, Diogene Publishers, English book, Karchkhadze Publishing at a book festival. Literary Week taught children how wonderful a good book can be and encouraged lifelong love of reading.

Literary Week at the Europsan School

19 Nov 2022

Diogene publishers recently published a series of children’s books, Mary Poppins and presented to the European School students during the literary week. Mary Poppins, written by the popular author Pamela Lyndon Travers was translated by Ia Koroshinadze. She met the European School students, talked about the magical world of Mary Poppins, introduced the main characters and explored their adventures. Children shared their impressions with the guest. Within the literary week, the ES students held an exhibition where they exposed paintings about the magical nanny, watched the film adaptation of Mary Poppins, and arranged discussion about it.

Anti Bullying Campaign

16 Nov 2022

School violence and bullying, including cyberbullying, is widespread and affects a significant number of children and adolescents. On the International Day against Violence and Bullying at School Including Cyberbullying, the European School encouraged its students and teachers to participate in a range of events aiming to promote and celebrate wellbeing of students. The school hosted founder and the Director of CASE, Lasha Pataraia. He highlighted importance of safe action in the digital world and gave recommendations on how to react on potential threat, bullying, and what to do when facing an online hazard. MYP students, with the support of the School’s Wellbeing Service participated in the conference Reach Out.

ES Student Parliament Chairman

12 Nov 2022

Thursday, November 10th, was much awaited by the European School students as it was the Student Parliament Chairman election day. The whole election campaign and election process was a lesson in democracy for our students. The entire process was observed by the support groups of each candidate, the ballot box was unlocked, and ballots were counted in front of them. Students waited with bated breath to know the winner. Chairman of the Student Parliament became Temur Tvauri.