Mother Language Day Assembly

26 Feb 2024

The Mother Language Day Assembly for primary students celebrated linguistic diversity and the importance of preserving indigenous languages. Students showcased cultural performances, recited poems, and shared stories in their native languages, aiming to promote understanding and appreciation of different languages and cultures among young learners. In addition to the cultural performances and linguistic showcases, the assembly also featured a book donation drive, encouraging students to contribute literature in various languages to foster a love for reading and multicultural understanding. Furthermore, a poster exhibition adorned the assembly venue, displaying vibrant artwork and informative displays that further emphasized the significance of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage within the PYP program.

PYP Professional Development

20 Feb 2024

European School IB PYP teachers have participated in the in-school IB workshop "Learning and teaching for conceptual understanding" led by the workshop leader Emmanouil Zerai. During the professional development sessions our educators were able to deepen their understanding of concept-based learning and its essential elements and exchange their teaching techniques and experience.

Grade 4 End of Unit-Showcase

13 Feb 2024

Our unit:”How We Express Ourselves” kicked off with a Photography Exhibition presented by Ms. Lana Khaburdzania, our amazing Visual Art teacher as a provocation. A great photo always tells a story. With this as a lens, our learners explored photography.

PYP assembly

06 Feb 2024

Our recent PYP assembly, led by the ICT teacher and Wellbeing Department, focused on two vital topics: Cyber Safety and the Culture of Commenting. Here are the key takeaways: Cyber Safety: Students were empowered with essential online safety skills, learning how to safeguard their personal information and address cyberbullying effectively.

New Year's Celebration at the PYP

27 Dec 2023

PYP students have finalized  their spirit week that included Twin Day, Dress like your parent Day, Pajama Day and Wear Festive Clothes Day. The whole PYP community enjoyed all the days. Students especially liked the New Year’s party with different fun activities and performances.

Summative Assessment Project - Ancient China

22 Dec 2023

During the unit Where We Are in Place and Time, grade 3 students were investigating ancient civilizations. They learned about ancient China, Rome, and Egypt and how their inventions and discoveries have shaped our present. To summarize their learning, the students learned about ancient Chinese legend about the Lunar New Year. The students then turned the legend into a script, distributed roles, and prepared to stage the play. The music teacher Ms. Nino helped them to learn a traditional dance. As for the art teacher, Ms. Lana, she supported students and helped them to create prompts for the play including amazing masks for the monster Nian and fans for the dance. The kids presented their play to grade 2 and 3 students in the main hall and showed an amazing performance.

Spirit Week at the PYP

17 Dec 2023

The PYP students enjoyed their spirit week and demonstrated their creativity through different days - Crazy Hair Day, Favorite Character Costume Day, Favorite Decade Day, Movie Day and No Backpack Day. The event was planned and organized by the PYP Student Council members. Students will continue enjoying their last days before the winter break by other fun activities that will culminate with New Year’s parties for each grade level with their performances.  

"PYP -The collaboration between the Georgian language and FabLab."

15 Dec 2023

"In the European School Primary Years Program (PYP), students from the Georgian B subject, specifically from 3A, 3C, 4AB, 4C, and 5AC classes, undertook the task of crafting five enchanting fairy tales. The project unfolded through various stages. In the initial phase, each class conceptualized their story design with the assistance of the Canva site. The entire class actively participated in selecting characters and developing the narrative.

Another successful TEDx event of the European School!

11 Dec 2023

TEDxIBEuropeanSchool brought fresh ideas and new voices to the stage. An incredible journey with the visionary invited speaker who shared her insights on sustainable approaches and thought-provoking talks by the ES students left the audience with lessons learned and a different view on diverse topics covering technology, nature, music, space, education, etc.