Grade 3 Summative Assessment

22 Feb 2021

Our IB PYP grade 3 students summarized the third unit of inquiry by working on their summative assessment project with students from grade 6. Together with the 6 graders, grade 3 students created a website for the PYP community. Students created articles, videos, vlogs, posters, and blogs for the website.  Students distributed roles and responsibilities and collaborated extensively to create material for the website. Grade 3 students can continue adding more resources there throughout the year.

Digital Technology Week

19 Feb 2021

Digital Technology Week was held in the Mathematics Department and the Department of Languages and Literature of the European School. It aimed to observe how digital technologies have been integrated into teaching and share effective teaching practices among colleagues.

Valentine’s Day

16 Feb 2021

The European School Student Parliament members from the PR and Communications Committee created a Valentine’s Day animated video aiming to raise the awareness of students about the history of this day. The video includes Valentine’s Day congratulation messages in different languages.

International Day of Education 2021

31 Jan 2021

In 2018, The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January, as International Day of Education. This year marked the third International Day of Education and Monday January 25 was the day marked for Celebration. The Theme: ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’ touched on collaboration and solidarity to place education and Lifelong learning as the focus.

International Day of Education 2021

30 Jan 2021

In 2018, The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January,…

The Beatles

22 Jan 2021

The students learned how music posters are being created, how image and typography are connected to each other through music. The students were given 4 songs of the band 'The Beatles' they had to listen to all 4 songs and choose their favorite song, later they had to research the band and their song, each one created a wonderful essay to go with the poster. In class, they read the lyrics of the songs and brainstormed their ideas. By understanding the songs in depth, they were able to produce strong artworks, each poster is unique and shows the true meaning of the song. The students learned the basics of creating posters that everything is connected and everything has a hidden message, a meaning behind it. One must read between the lines. 

IB PYP Students' Online Christmas Party

03 Jan 2021

On December 24 all PYP students gathered online with much enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Despite the current pandemic we are facing, IB pyp celebrates togetherness and resilience as we have Christmas in our homes. Music, art, georgian teachers and students worked tirelessly to prepare poems, songs and dances. PYP team is wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PYP Grade 4C Spirit of Holidays

22 Dec 2020

PYP grade 4 C recited poems “Winter Eyes” by Douglas Florian, and 3 poems from “A Child’s Calendar” by John Updike. Young learners are currently working on the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves” and they picked poems as the part of the literature – one of the forms of arts they are exploring. They also decided to show the spirit of holidays through the poems they chose and recorded the video to send warm wishes to family members, the whole school community and all people around the world. Students enjoyed the process of expressing their feelings through the poems. They became more open-minded and reflective during this term. Nigar: “It was fun learning the poems, I improved my memorizing skills and even learned some new words.” Neva: “This poem was easy to learn and it was a fun activity. Also, it reminded me of my family and it made me feel warm.”

4A Formative assessment project for the unit "How we express ourselves" Little Bear is not scared.

22 Dec 2020

4A PYP students showed their understanding of the unit "How we express ourselves" by taking part in the collaborative project "Little Bear is not scared". While reading the story in rhymes that was written by their 4th grade teacher, students expressed themselves through their beautiful illustrations and spoken words using the intonation to show their understanding of the story. After viewing the project, students reflected on their performance as well as on the whole project by self-assessing themselves.