12 Sep 2020

Technology in the 21st-century education plays a major role. At the European School, we continue to incorporate emerging technology resources in classrooms to make learning more student-oriented and effective in this new reality. Our goal is to support the first-graders and their parents to address the challenges of distance learning and make the learning process interesting and flexible for kids. To achieve this goal, the school decided to provide the first -grade students with a multifunctional technology device. This device, together with other new technology resources integrated into our classrooms: interactive whiteboards, conference cameras, and document scanners will make online learning more similar to face-to-face learning.


11 Sep 2020

Due to the current epidemic situation in Georgia, on September 15th, classes will begin in online mode at the European School.

Interactive Whiteboard Trainings

11 Sep 2020

Supporting continuous professional development of our teachers and integrating new technologies in teaching are the main goals of the European School. The school develops consistently and tends to reflect on and respond to the ever-changing world. The European School starts the new school year with new beginnings.

Strong Results Achieved during the Challenging Time

26 Aug 2020

We congratulate the class of 2020 on achieving remarkable results in the Diploma Programme. A total of 38 students completed the IB Diploma Programme in 2020. This year’s graduates had to deal with a global disruption that has never been experienced before, but they have managed to overcome obstacles and attained, once again, a strong performance with an average of 35 points. Historically the school's average point score has been significantly above the world average, but this year, the difference between our results and IB global average of 30.0 points was even greater. The ES students also performed very well in terms of subject average (5.54 out of 7, world average 4.8) points. The pass rate of 84% is above the world average (79.1%) as well. The ES congratulates the class of 2020, the teachers and the parents on IB results.

Success Continues!

24 Aug 2020

The European School is proud to have 15 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts among the staff. To lead the school community through innovations is our main goal and for us, it is very important to achieve success in completing this goal. The European School is the Microsoft partner international school. Its teachers demonstrated unprecedented success within this partnership and were awarded the title of MIE Experts 2020-2021.

Graduates of the Year 2020

09 Jul 2020

This year the Graduation Ceremony at the European School was held considering the current regulations and following safety measures. Diplomas were awarded to the Class of 2020 of the Georgian Program, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and the American High School. The Georgian Program Director Sophio Bazadze, the Head of IB Programmes Dr. Brice Bommo and the Director of AHS Irma Barbakadze congratulated the graduates.

PYP Graduation 2020

04 Jul 2020

On the 19th of June PYP held online graduation ceremony for grade 5 students. Whole PYP community, including IB head, administration, teachers and parents came together to celebrate this event. In the beginning of the ceremony students were addressed by Dr Brice Bomo and Mrs. Marina Chelidze, who congratulated students on successful completion of PYP. Homeroom teachers also thanked students for their hard work and dedication. After students were awarded with certificates and watched slide show of their photos taken during the learning process. At the end of the ceremony students delivered speech and summarized their experience in PYP and thanked their teachers and administration. This was truly an emotional moment in the life of PYP community. We wish our students success in all their new beginnings!"

Experiences and Expertise from Across the World

28 Jun 2020

The success of the European School is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its teachers and leaders. The school uses experiences and expertise from across the world. Educators from many different cultures play a critical role in the development of our IB programmes. The international faculty continues to grow at the ES. From the new academic year, several experienced and expert leaders and educators will join our team. They all demonstrate important pedagogical attributes, qualifications, perspectives, and practices of excellent teaching. Our new colleagues have been successfully delivering IB programmes and taking a number of leadership roles in various IB world schools.