Together For Safety

03 Dec 2021

The European School received a generous donation of face masks from a parent for students of different ages. “I wanted to serve the school community,” said Xueping Wu, who made the donation. 12500 pieces of masks will be distributed across the different programs of the ES and will come in handy when students leave masks at home. Primary Program students enjoyed wearing new masks which are not only safe for kids but are all very colorful and creative!


03 Dec 2021

This year, the European School annual event TEDxIBEuropeanSchool was about Moving Forward. The Pandemic flipped the world upside-down. It affected all: adults, children, and youth. Our speakers – the ES students believe, our reality is about to be reconsidered, taken into our hands, and reclaimed. They suggest how to navigate through difficulties, avoid stagnation, explore new opportunities, achieve new accomplishments, and attain happiness.

Corporate Social Responsibility

27 Nov 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has moved from being a philosophy to business function and modern companies have created the position of CSR manager, whose goal is to make sure that the company balances its own and society's interests. The researches confirm that the ethical image and social responsibility of the company become increasingly important for customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Astrid Lindgren Week

16 Nov 2021

Within Astrid Lindgren Week, the European School held several literary, enlightening, festive activities. One day, students dressed in Pippi’s, Karlsson’s, Emil’s costumes; children’s writer Vaso Guleuri from Writers' House came to meet our students; the school hosted Giorgi Kekelidze from the National Library; students displayed their paintings; the publisher's house sent its mobile library and shop – Walking Budrugana to the ES; Ylva Festin- First Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden in Georgia addressed our students virtually; a hybrid meeting Astrid’s World in Unibaken was held with the writer Irma Malacidze – the nominee of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award; guests from Sweden read Astrid Lindgren’s stories and conducted an online literary quiz show;  The week aims to raise the literacy level of students and promote book reading.

Anniversary of Ilia Chavchavadze

10 Nov 2021

In connection with the anniversary of Ilia Chavchavadze, Esma Mania, Doctor of Philology, Senior Researcher of the Funds Protection, Registration and Exposition Department of the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, Guardian of the Ilia's Foundation visited European School. Esma Mania has met the students of MYP 8B and 8C grades and talked about Ilia as an aristocrat and democrat, a man who managed to protect national values and at the same time, was the initiator of many innovations. She introduced Ilia's work style, and displayed Ilia's autographs preserved in the Manuscript Center. The students were especially interested in his notepads and records, through which they saw and evaluated Ilia Chavchavadze's personality and merits in a completely different way.

Anti-bullying Campaign #GoodTogether

10 Nov 2021

Student Wellbeing Service staff, teachers, and students in the European School community are passionate about helping children prevent bullying by talking about it and building a safe school environment. Within the anti-bullying campaign #GoodTogether, the ES students displayed posters, played flash mob, held assemblies. They engaged in various anti-bullying activities to change the attitudes, behavior, and culture of bullying, addressed different situations, and said no to violence.

The exhibition “The forms of interpretation”

10 Nov 2021

The exhibition is created by the works of 6 and 7 Graders. In the end of the first unit: 7 Graders presented the works inspired by van Gogh “Starry night” and also they created T shirts using the pointillism technique. 6 graders presented the portraits of Frida Kahlo and also interpretation works by of Edvard Munchs “scream”.

Student Parliament Chairman became Giorgi Geladze

08 Nov 2021

Student Parliament Chairman Elections took place at the European School today, November 5th. This event enabled the ES community to bring democracy alive in the school. The election empowered students to experience the voting process firsthand and cast ballots for the official candidates running in the election. Students from grades 6-12 of all three programs (Georgian, IB, and AHS) participated in the voting process. Voting procedures that started at 9:30 a.m. and continued up until 2:00 p.m., went smoothly and no complications were recorded. In a transparent vote-counting process, the members of the administrative team of the school and chair candidates’ trustees were involved. The final results were declared at the Main Conference Hall. The student body joined the event online on the Zoom platform. The former chairman Anamaria Iakobidze addressed the candidates and wished for successful participation in the Parliament. Sophio Bazadze, the School Director announced the results and congratulated the winner. The Chairperson-elect is Giorgi Geladze.

Election Debates

03 Nov 2021

On Wednesday, November 3rd, the European School hosted debates for the Student Parliament Chairman Elections. The debates began with presenting campaign videos. Later, the candidates introduced themselves and addressed their campaign platforms to the student body. The debate was held over Zoom, and each candidate had 10 minutes to answer questions submitted by those attending the event. The candidates debated topics including student concerns, how best to address student needs, which clubs and activities to offer to make student life more interesting.