Saturday School

As a new initiative, the European School starts Saturday School for the elementary and middle school students from grades 1-6. The program aims to lay a strong foundation of mathematical thinking in students. Under the program, two different courses: Mental Math and Math and Logic, delivered by invited professionals and the school mathematicians, will be offered to the ES young learners.

The program is designed to give students greater exposure to Mathematics through interesting topics and activities and provides spaces for the extension of mathematical proficiency in learners.


Math and Logic club is for the elementary and middle school students. Club lessons run for an hour and a half a week during term-time .
The aim of the math club is to promote the promotion of mathematics among students, their academic progress, the development of mathematical, logical and thinking skills and to increase the academic performance of students in mathematics.
Mental Math Program UCMAS- Brain Development Program for 4-14 years old students
The program is implemented in 84 countries around the world, has more than 3 million successful students, is recognized by the world’s leading universities, such as: Harvard, Stanford, San Diego, the teaching method has an ISO quality certificate. UCMAS combines an ancient teaching tool – the Abacus. With the help of modern teaching methods, the program helps to develop cognitive skills in children, such as: concentration, memory, quick thinking, self-confidence, etc.
Get ready to embark on an epic mathematical journey! “The Mathters” Club is here to take your math skills to new heights. Join us to explore advanced mathematics, unravel complex problems, and become a math virtuoso. Are you up for the challenge? If you crave mathematical excellence, this club is for you!
BILDITS Education includes workshops that introduce students to the world of engineering, construction and more through fun hands-on experiences. The curriculum is designed by engineers and pedagogical experts from UNICEF and follows development guidelines set by international education standards. The educational kit includes REAL CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS such as steel, cement, masonry walls, painting and much more and with help of the kit students learn pouring cement, building base, constructing walls with miniature bricks, painting, designing houses and etc.

“Reading by making” is a way for children to fall in love with reading while engaging in activities that they enjoy. Our goal is to facilitate this process through our club sessions.

  • We provide an engaging learning environment for children.
  • We carefully select literature that is appropriate for their age and discuss and analyze the content through fun activities.
  • We also complete various grammatical tasks.
  • Based on the material we read, children create dioramas, applications, posters, letters, and statements.

After completing the reading task, children summarize the acquired knowledge in various forms, such as presentations, performances, and exhibitions.

In the Handcrafting club, participants will spend time getting creative and learning new skills like knitting, jewelry making, etc.

They will explore natural materials to create vintage items, accessories, toys, jewelry, household items, and knitted elements.

1st Grade

Activities to develop reading and writing skills:

  • Phonemic exercises
  • Texts to develop phonemic skills (Level I books)
  • Complex tasks to develop critical, creative thinking
  • Written exercises

2nd and 3rd Grades

Value-based education in primary school.

Within the framework of the project, students will learn the following topics:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Humility
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance

Comprehension of various texts defined by the standard, test tasks, and connection of information provided in verbal and non-verbal forms.

Development of basic skills in vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and calligraphy.

4th Grade

Practicing Olympiad tests:

  • Comprehension of different types of (artistic, informative) texts
  • Seeing cause-and-effect relationships
  • Expressing one’s opinion and attitude regarding what has been read
  • Argumented reasoning

Developing subject-specific and creative writing skills – “Become a Writer”.

English Club – Young Readers is a book club held weekly for students (from grade 1 to grade 5) to stimulate their interest in reading. We believe that a love of learning, books, and reading starts early in life, and we want to make it as easy as possible for parents to nurture excitement for discovery in their children. Join us and encourage a lifelong love of reading in your child!

Our D&D Club for Kids offers a weekend program for ages 7 to 15.

We have two groups tailored to different age ranges: 1st to 6th graders and 7th to 10th graders. From beginner basics to advanced adventures, children learn storytelling, problem-solving, teamwork, and more. Participate in thrilling quests and city-wide events. Join us in the realm of imagination! Learn more on our website

At the Russian language Club our aim is to give children the exciting opportunity to learn Russian language by encouraging them to speak it in a relaxed learning environment while having fun. The club supervisors are qualified and experienced at teaching young children the Russian language by creating stimulating activities, involving a mix of music, art, games, stories and role-play. Every child is kept engaged at all times and learns without even realizing it!