School Safety and Security

There’s nothing more important than ensuring the safety of our students and staff members. It’s important to take precautions when they’re at school. For the safety of our children, staff members and visitors we employ a full range of security tools and systems that include:

Security Guards

To ensure school security and the security of our students, we have properly trained security guards who are able to take the necessary steps at the right time to safeguard the children at the European School. Our security guards conduct the following activities:

Patrol Campus

Guards set patrol posts at the school’s lookout points and inside the building to maintain a secure environment. One security guard keeps watch on every corner of the school’s campus through the central camera while sitting in his place at the entry point. The entry and exit points are secured 24/7. The security guards carry out random security checks to keep the school premises free from prohibited items.

Guard and Protect Students

The security guards accompany students on school trips, make sure the students get into school buses properly, resolve fights between students and protect the kids on campus from various hazards.

Respond to Emergency Situations

The security guards know how to act in emergencies. They are able to evacuate the school at the earliest signs of trouble without causing chaos and panic among the students. They are also responsible for calling the fire department and ambulances in case of an emergency.

Safety Managers  

The European School has certified Safety Managers who are responsible for implementing, overseeing, and improving the safety standards of students and staff on the school premises.
Safety managers are responsible to identify threats promptly, conduct risk assessments, and enforce risk control mechanisms. They Develop safety plans in adherence to state law and regulations.
Safety managers ensure the prevention of incidents, constantly monitor external factors and threats, and conduct educational seminars and webinars according to the identified risks for the school community to raise their awareness and expand their safety.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems help us to protect the school entrances by preventing unauthorized persons from entering the school buildings.

It is maintained via various elements, such as turnstiles, swipe cards and video monitoring of access points.

Visitor management systems employed at the school also help deter unwanted persons from entering the premises.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a valuable resource in school security systems. 155 Video cameras monitor areas within the school, such as common areas, laboratories, hallways, stairwells and cafeterias. Exterior cameras can monitor all building perimeters, fences, gates and parking lots. Our security personnel can quickly identify suspicious activity using information received from camera systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are installed in order to preserve the safety of everyone on our school grounds. These systems are integrated with the alarms in every classroom, office, and laboratory. The school carries out drills with students so they’re aware of emergency procedures. We educate staff about where sprinklers are located throughout the school so they know how to react appropriately. Annual drills and various exercises are being planned to ensure the viability of our systems and staff readiness. Every exit point is clearly visible and identifiable to ensure everyone gets out quickly and safely.