Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Before you apply, please look at our requirements to ensure that your child meets them.

Year Groups

We find that children thrive in their correct class age groups. Our differentiated teaching accommodates students who need support and stretches the more able. We always keep children in their correct age band and consider school years except when:

• A student in Year 10 or above is not fluent enough in English to complete the AHS or IBD program.

Georgian School Program

Grade level/age Age by September
Year I               (6-7) 6
Year II              (7-8) 7
Year III            (8-9) 8
Year IV           (9-10) 9
Year V           (10-11) 10
Year VI         (11-12) 11
Year VII       (12-13) 12
Year VIII      (13-14) 13
Year IX         (14-15) 14
Year X          (15-16) 15
Year XI        (16-17) 16
Year XII       (17-18) 17

IB Programs

Grade level/age Age by September
PYP    I             (6-7) 6
PYP   II            (7-8) 7
PYP   III         (8-9) 8
PYP    IV        (9-10) 9
PYP    V         (10-11) 10
MYP   VI        (11-12) 11
MYP   VII      (12-13) 12
MYP VIII       (13-14) 13
MYP    IX        (14-15) 14
MYP   X          (15-16) 15
DP      XI         (16-17) 16
DP     XII        (17-18) 17

American High School

Grade level/age Age by September
AHS   VIII      (13-14) 13
AHS   IX         (14-15) 14
AHS   X           (15-16) 15
AHS   XI          (16-17) 16
AHS   XII        (17-18) 17

Entry Requirements

Preschool – Grade 5

  • We admit children who don’t speak English up to Grade 5
  • Class sizes are up to 20 students in all Primary year groups. There are waiting lists after this.

Grades 6-10

  • We will assess the ability of all students in English and Mathematics
  • Class sizes are up to 20 -22 students in Georgian Program Primary year groups and up to 15 students in IB PYP groups.  There are waiting lists after this.

Grades 11-12

  • Students need to be advanced/proficient in English
  • We will also assess the level of Mathematics
  • We will assess all students and will need evidence that they will be able to complete our demanding programs
  • We will need to discuss whether we offer the appropriate subject choices

Class Organisation

Where there are two or more classes in a group, the schools’ policy is to organize the children to achieve as close a balance as possible, considering the following factors: language experience, nationality, ability and gender.

Parents can express their preference though do not have the option to make the final decision regarding their child’s class group or teacher. In all issues of child placement, the Principal’s decision is final.

Student Support Regulations

Our school has the Student Wellbeing Services. The acceptance of students with highlighted learning needs will be defined by the counsellor and the coordinator together. For further information refer to our Student Wellbeing Services.