To enhance and enrich the learning environment, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for students who want to discover and learn something new. From individual and team sports to dance, art, foreign language, robotics and programming classes, activities vary by age and largely depend on the interests of the children. These clubs are run by professional club providers and coaches.
In addition, our students participate in student leadership and community service opportunities throughout the year.
Please see below for a comprehensive list of the clubs available.

At Football Club, it is our goal to teach football skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Our philosophy is to use football to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class. Our specially designed curricula use positive reinforcement to ensure that each child improves skills while having endless fun.
The coach of the football club is a popular football player in Georgia – Ibrahim Idou.
The school stadium often hosts football matches. The most popular annual championship is the Iviko Chelidze Football Championship, founded in 2011.

The goal of the basketball club is to encourage more students to participate in sports activities. There is no need to have certain qualifications to join the Basketball Club. Everyone, including professional or beginner basketball players, can join it. The coaches of the ES basketball club are Vako Adamashvili and Shota Tepnadze. During the training, coaches apply age-relevant training strategies and methodology based on international standards, empowering individuality and team spirit among children.

European School has its basketball team, which participates in various local and international tournaments.

The Tennis Club offers a children’s tennis lessons program for children ages 6 to 12. Nino Naldandiani and Christophe Hennequin provide a safe, extra-curricular learning environment for our students that parents have come to love and appreciate.
It’s noteworthy that some of Nino’s students have become the winners of the International and State Tournaments.
Christophe has been coaching for 15+ years, In France, Australia… and for the 4th year in Tbilisi. He is specialized in beginners’ & intermediate players’ development where great energy & fun time combine with skills growth.

Volleyball is a popular team sport. Playing teams are separated by a high net on the court. Each team tries to score points against one another by grounding a ball on the other team’s court over the net.

Volleyball, like other team sports is not only plying with the ball.  It is playing with teammates that along with physical strength requires trusting and respecting players. Except physical practice, this sport allows players to enjoy being a member of a family named “Team” and experience victories and failure together with its members.

At the ES Volleyball Club we teach positive values in a competitive environment, build character, develop leaders, and shape great teams.

The rollerblading club is a place where students will learn the sport of the 21st century in a safe and fun environment. Roller sport is a unique sport that develops coordination and a full body strength simultaneously. Our instructor, who has teaching experience for many years and is the first Internationally certified Georgian roller skate instructor, will offer many challenging games and exciting exercises to the club members. In this club, students will meet new friends, gain a lot of positive energy, and acquire all the needed skills to conquer independently the streets and the skate parks.

Our Chess Club offers an after-school program to students age 5 to 13. The program is tailored to children ranging from absolute beginners to national champions. Our club supervisor, famous chess player Giuli Alikhanashvili, enables students to learn both basic rules and advanced strategies, develop critical thinking skills as well as problem-solving; she offers the opportunity to play against peers at the school or the City Tournaments and learn from chess experts and grandmasters during exhibition games where professional players play against a number of students from the school club.

Our after-school karate program sets up your child for future success through the martial art of karate. Karate helps improve discipline, concentration, awareness, self-esteem, strength, self-defense and much more. During the karate classes, delivered by famous karate master Grigol Darchiashvili, your child will learn multiple karate techniques, how to defend themselves, kata, karate terminology (Japanese karate words) and further traditional karate lessons. Grigol Darchiashvili’s students have gone on to become winners of the National and World Championships.

Our Drama Studio exposes students to the basics of theatre while they rehearse a fully-staged short play designed to give students a fun and educational experience with theatre! We believe that the best way for young actors to grow is for them to perform. That’s why our Drama Studio is always focused on the production of a play. The students will perform a different play every academic year, so they can enroll multiple times and enjoy a whole new experience each time.
Our after-school Drama Studio doesn’t just teach theatre! It also builds students’ self-confidence, creativity, teamwork abilities, self-discipline, and presentation skills.
All of our high-quality scripts are written (or adapted from classic children’s literature) by Artistic Director of the Drama Studio Lika Kobuladze – an actress at Tbilisi Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre.
The studio successfully performed a musical: “Christmas Celebration in the Cellar”, several plays, such as: Georgian tale “Tsikara”, Aleksey Tolstoy’s “Buratino”, Charles Perrault’s “Little Red Riding Hood”, Hans Christen Andersen’s “Snow Queen”, William Shakespeare’s “Midnight Summer Dream”, the composition “Ode of Fruit”, “Love, Love, Love” (According to love letters of famous people”), “A Christmas Carol” etc.
The best plays were performed not only at our school but on the stages of Tbilisi theatres, including Tbilisi Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Tbilisi Nodar Dumbadze Youth Theatre, Tbilisi Sandro Akhmeteli Drama Theatre and Liberty Theatre.
In 2012, for the play “The Snow Queen,” the European School was awarded the best cast prize at the Youth Festival organized by Tbilisi City Hall. In 2014, the European School cast was awarded the prize for “The Most Creative Cast” and the diploma at the festival of “Golden Fleece” for the play “Mythology as Seen in the 21st Century”.
In 2016, for performing the play “Buratino” the Drama Studio, its Artistic Director and students were awarded special diplomas for outstanding work.

The felt club aims to foster students’ creative expression and deepen their artistic imagination, sense of composition, and fine motor skills.

Club members learn to create felted handcrafts. They use Georgian lamb wool to make fabrics, dolls, beads, and folk crafts. The felt club arranges Easter, Christmas, and End of the Year exhibitions, conducts workshops, and participates in festivals and other school events.

The main goal of the club is to make students love to do arts and crafts.

TV Club engages its members in activities not different from activities on real TV. It has a TV studio, virtual television studio with green-screen technique, sound recording studio, lighting and edit systems, software programs, etc.

Our club offers students valuable learning opportunities by allowing them to master the skills of a TV news reporter, film director, cameraman, or actor, to interview respondents, record, edit, and broadcast news, shows, and events, make films, watch masterpieces of Georgian or world cinematography.

On the 1st of June, 2011, Children’s Film Studio and International Children’s Film Festival – Golden Butterfly were launched on ES TV base. Students under 19 are allowed to participate in the festival that includes a short film contest, master classes, workshops, field trips, and an award ceremony. The Festival is held annually and announces the winners in 10 nominations. The contest is judged by both an international jury consisting of professionals and a children’s jury.

At our Guitar Studio, students have fun while learning fundamental techniques and how to strum several songs on the guitar. The guitar lesson is taught by a qualified teacher, Megi Kakhniashvili. Her students receive theher full attention for their entire lesson and benefit from a series of lessons that have been planned and tailored to each student’s own specific needs and learning style. Progress is comparatively swift and easy. At the studio, students are offered recitals, events and concerts alongside with the regular lessons.

Dance Club, supervised by professional dancer David Daraselia, offers an after-school program to students of various age groups. Students learn Georgian National dances. The club allows its members to experience the wonder of dance and the joy of performing. The Dance Club allows even the non-dancer to be part of the excitement of the performance. Everyone in the Dance Club participates in the school’s major events. The Dance Club requires hard work, dedication, and commitment.

An extra-curricular Robotics Club greatly improves student engagement with STEAM subjects. The hands-on experience of learning to design, build, and program robots of increasing complexity boosts teamwork and problem-solving abilities while helping kids learn how abstract concepts, like mathematics, engineering, and computing actually work in practice. The club supervisor  David Nozadze is preparing students to get involved in robotics competitions where they encounter a whole new arena of exciting, creative, and practical challenges.


Debate Club offers weekly two-hour sessions and a flexible timetable to students from grades 7-9.

Students learn debating techniques and develop skills and traits that are important for speakers: critical analysis, communication, time management, collaboration, researching, and respecting opponents. The club activities help students to achieve academic success as well.

After completing the program, the international certificate will be awarded to the students.  Club members will have an opportunity to participate in national and international events.

Debate Club is organized by the Institute of Debate and Education – a member organization of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA).


Do math problems feel like villains? Fear not, for the “Math Avengers” is here to save the day! If you find math a bit tricky, our Math Avengers Club will provide the support and guidance you need. We’re here to help you conquer math challenges and transform you into a math hero.


Suitable for beginners and younger children aged 7-11, Game Programmers Club gives the children a gentle introduction to the game-making process through programming in Scratch, Minecraft Education, and CodeHS! The club’s fun activities involve creating games using these friendly, visual, yet powerful coding platforms. Students are taught creative coding techniques, are encouraged to put into practice what they have learned, adding their ideas and experimenting. They will explore the basics of Computer Science and participate in school conferences and international competitions like World Scratch Competitions, Scratch Olympiads, and Minecraft Global Challenges.

European School students aged 6-16 years have an opportunity to attend Hip-Hop classes at Contemporary Dance Studio of the ES. The club is supervised by the choreographer Temur Kamkhadze, an actor at Marjanishvili Theatre, the leading actor of an Oscar nominee Georgian-French movie and choreographer of several performances.

At the European School Art Studio, children’s drawing classes nurture your child with creativity, inspiration, and encouragement. Every child receives tailor-made, one-on-one art instruction from our highly skilled, professional artist Ana Mindiashvili, who is passionate about your child’s art education. In all of our children’s drawing classes, students learn a variety of artistic techniques combined with the freedom to authentically express themselves through art. Drawing techniques explored in our drawing classes for kids include shading, dimensions, composition, portraiture, realism, abstraction, landscape drawing, and more!

In the Digital Design Club, we harness the power of pixels and creativity to make the digital world come alive. Our club is a dynamic platform for members to explore various aspects of digital design, including graphic design, web design, and animation. Through workshops and collaborative projects, you’ll sharpen your design skills and dive deep into the art of visual storytelling. But that’s not all – after you’ve created your digital masterpieces, we provide the tools to bring them to life in the physical world. Our club is equipped with professional printers for creating banners, stickers, and more.

The club engages students in art therapy through ceramics and sculpture and provides a powerful means of creative expression and self-discovery.

The process of molding and shaping clay or plasticine fosters a sense of tranquility and inner peace. The tactile qualities of clay, including its texture, temperature, and malleability, provide a profound sensory experience that enriches one’s life.

What to Expect:

All artworks will be crafted using clay and plasticine.

Clay pieces will be meticulously glazed and fired.

Biannual group exhibitions will showcase students’ creations at the end of each semester, featuring invited renowned Georgian artists.

This course will be led by artist and ceramist Giorgi Tabliashvili, a prominent figure in the international art community, both as a participant in numerous exhibitions and as an organizer of international art events.

Age 5-10

Welcome to the Young Engineers Club, brought to you by Let’s Start Up! Our club is an exciting adventure for young minds aged 5-10, where the world of engineering comes to life. With a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering, we nurture essential skills in an engaging and project-centered environment.
Picture a world of racing cars, intricate electric circuits, powerful engines, and much more! In each semester, our young engineers embark on a thrilling journey, tackling a unique final project. To make the learning experience even more hands-on, every child receives their very own personal engineering kit and, upon completion, takes their masterpiece home.
Our lessons are guided by expert teachers who provide instruction in either English or Georgian, catering to the preferences of your school. Join us at the Young Engineers Club, where young minds are inspired, and creativity knows no bounds!

Age 11-16
Welcome to the Arduino Programming Club, proudly presented by Let’s Start Up! Our club is the ultimate adventure for budding engineers aged 11-16, where innovation takes the driver’s seat. With a blend of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and cutting-edge Arduino programming, we provide a university-level learning experience that’s both captivating and project-driven.
Imagine diving into the world of autonomous cars, mastering C++ programming, and unlocking the potential of Arduino technology! In each semester, our students immerse themselves in a thrilling journey, tackling a diverse range of final projects. To ensure a hands-on approach, every student receives their personal Arduino kit and takes home their ingenious creations.
Our expert teachers are the guiding force behind our lessons, offering instruction in either English or Georgian, based on your school’s preference. Join us at the Arduino Programming Club, where young minds become tech visionaries, and the future is yours to code!

In the music and vocal club ”Q.-music”, learners will learn proper posture, breath control, diction, will improve a musical sense of rhythm while singing songs! Repertoire for children will be chosen individually.

Students will be involved in the activities and events conducted by the European School.

In the POP Music Club, teenagers will learn versions of Georgian and foreign pop and jazz songs of all times. Before learning the songs, they will do vocal exercises through vocalization, also ear training to improve their sense of hearing, and rhythm through special rhyming exercises. Songs suitable for them will be selected and processed individually. The Club students will be involved in events planned by the school. The teachers are: an experienced vocal coach, singer Manana Kikilashvili, and pianist, a famous jazzman, jazz luminary, and virtuoso musician Otar Maghradze.

The Product Design Club is where innovation meets function, and we take it a step further. If you’re intrigued by the process of designing products that enhance people’s lives, you’re in the right place. Our club focuses on the entire product development journey, from ideation and prototyping to usability testing and production. What sets us apart is our access to cutting-edge technology. We proudly utilize FabLab machines like laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines to turn your concepts into tangible, precision-engineered designs. Whether you’re interested in crafting physical objects or digital solutions, our club equips you with the knowledge, skills, and the latest manufacturing technology to create products that blend aesthetics with utility.

Group psychotherapy serves as a valuable means for children to address a wide array of challenges in a positive and constructive manner. Through this approach, children can:

  • Effortlessly Adapt to New Social Environments
  • Enhance Communication Skills with Classmates
  • Learn Healthy Stress Management Techniques
  • Conquer Age-Related Difficulties with Ease
  • Express Aggression, Anger, and Resentment in an Ecological Way
  • Improve Communication with Parents
  • Cultivate Effective Self-Expression
  • Resolve Personal Relationship Challenges
  • Efficiently Overcome Various Types of Difficulties

During these therapy sessions, a variety of art therapy methods will be employed, including metaphorical cards, drawing, sculpture, sand therapy, mask therapy, fairy-tale therapy, therapy with decorative stones, and therapy using sinks.

Fairy Tale Therapy is a method that supports the emotional and social development of children and increases their creativity.It presents the fairy tale not only as a factor in developing imagination, raising an interest in reading, satisfying curiosity and transmitting moral values, but also as a therapeutic agent that helps children to learn techniques of problem-solving, deal with fears, aggressive behavior, and develop assertiveness. During club sessions, where elements of art therapy are integrated, children read fairy tales, draw episodes, discuss, analyze, and express.

Our Italian language club offers Italian courses for children aged 6 to 16. The communication method makes the lessons stimulating and fun, in a perfect combination of listening, games, oral and written productions, activities to develop correctness and countless opportunities to speak. Especially for children and young learners, the process of understanding and speaking in a foreign language should be fun.

Young students must feel that the Italian language is a useful tool for playing with other children and for having fun, first of all, in their free time. During our lessons they should not have the impression that they are “learning” a language. They shouldn’t feel like they’re at school. We will use music and acting techniques to teach the language in a natural way.

Welcome to the Japanese club!

Here, we will learn how to read, write and speak in Japanese, learn about Japanese cinema, anime, literature, history and mythology. Our method is simple and gradual, as we want to make sure that the learning process is fun.

Invest in your child’s future with Spanish lessons!

Learning a foreign language enhances communication skills, memory, and concentration. Our program utilizes games and exercises, making it an effective method for teaching children of all ages. We constantly change lesson types and tasks to keep children engaged and interested in learning. Our goal is to instill a love for the Spanish language in children, as it encompasses not just grammar, but also the rich history, culture, and traditions of Spain.

In the Chinese Language Club, students will learn the basics of the Chinese language and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Our Chinese Language teacher is Mairui Jieken. In her club activities, she will encourage students to learn more about Chinese culture and history.