2022 Kindergarten Graduation Day

24 Jun 2022

A graduation ceremony is always a happy occasion for the little ones as they celebrate the end of their preschool years. This year the European Kindergarten graduates dressed up in white attires performed different songs, dances, and rhymes.

Independence Day of Georgia

26 May 2022

May 26, we celebrated Independence Day of Georgia at the European Kindergarten. The children made Georgian flags, colored the map of Georgia, and listened to the Georgian national anthem. We took some memorable photos in the kindergarten playground.

Earth Day

26 Apr 2022

April 22 is Earth Day. Our children celebrated this day in European Kindergarten. They talked about how important it is to take care of our environment, the earth. They made very interesting handmade crafts with great pleasure.

Educational toys

07 Apr 2022

Using the digital design, robotics, and Fablab, the MYP project was initiated to create educational and eco-friendly toys for kindergarten students. The project lasted for two months. The students studied how to create a toy design in general, taking into account the age and features, prototyping, and determining its final design.

The International Day of Forests

23 Mar 2022

On March 21st the European Kindergarten celebrated the International Day of Forests with many interesting activities. Children worked in groups and made such an incredible art project, they talked about the importance of forests and how important it is to take good care of our mother nature.

Global Handwashing Day

17 Oct 2021

On October 15, we celebrated Global Handwashing Day at the European Kindergarten. The teachers talked about the rules of proper hand washing. The kids learned about importance of maintaining hygiene norms for our health.

First day of the European Kindergarten

11 Oct 2021

On October 4, the European Kindergarten once again opened its doors to our children. In the kindergarten playground decorated with colorful balloons, they were greeted by cheerful Zuzu, Mini Sunny and Lu, who led the children into their groups. We wish our kids a happy and successful school year!

The European Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

18 Jun 2021

On June 8, 15 and 16 in the European Kindergarten  there was a graduation ceremony for Georgian and English section preschool groups. On the stage specially decorated for them, the little graduates performed fun dances, sang songs, said some poems. After that in their graduation caps and gowns they took memorable photos in our school yard.

The International Children's Day

02 Jun 2021

On June 1, 2021, the European Kindergarten celebrated the International Children's Day. The children dressed in their favorite heroes costumes, took part in various sports activities.