• What is Quickschools?

Education Management System “QuickSchools”

American High School uses the education management systems QuickSchools, which includes an electronic grade book, attendance tracking, student records, and communication platforms. All teachers, students, parents, and administrators are given QuickSchools accounts. Students must check their accounts daily for homework assignments, communication about upcoming events, and to view their grades.

Training and tech support are available upon request from the American High School administration in the usage and management of QuickSchools.

  • How do I use Quickschools?

Our QuickSchools website is www.ahstbilisi.quickschools.com

To obtain a QuickSchools parent portal account, please contact the American High School administration at info@americanhighschool.ge with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your student’s full name
  • Your relation to the student
  • Mobile phone
  • Work phone
  • Home address
  • Occupation
  • Languages spoken

Navigating Quickschools

The gradebook

shows your student’s current final grades in all classes as well as a detailed log of every grade and assignment to-date in the semester.

To see details of grades from every assignment in a class, click Details


shows how your student has been marked for attendance for the month of attendance. If a student is tardy to class three or more times during the week, they will obtain detention.


shows a record of the detentions your student has received to-date.