The American High School offers a diverse and incredible selection of opportunities beyond the classroom that expands not only each student’s reservoir of knowledge, but enhances their understanding and critical connection that is essential for our future leaders and members of the community within Georgia and the world.

It is a GLOBAL ETHOS of excellence that we embrace, embody, and share. 

Summer Programs – United States and UK

Each summer the American High School students participate in summer educational programs in the United States at Yale University and Kings College near New York City.  Programs are also offered at schools in London and Canterbury within the UK.  Global understanding is enhanced and greatly expanded through first person experience and comprehension.

Continuing education opportunities also include university visits to institutions of excellence within the United States and the UK.  With one university / college counselors and an average senior class size of 15 students, we offer an unparalleled secondary education in which each student is truly prized and advised to the highest and most comprehensive level for their future today and tomorrow.

Sister School – First Love Christian Academy, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Each fall and spring semester for the past two (2) school years, two American High School students each semester have continued their education at our sister school, First Love Christian Academy in Washington, Pennsylvania.  Each student is recommended by their respective teachers for the incredible opportunity to continue their studies and personal growth.  They have returned renewed and excited for the exceptional opportunity to have studied abroad and broadened their horizons.

The American High School is also currently in the process of securing partnerships with other schools in the United States, Scotland, and Spain.

Liaison with Tbilisi State University

The American High School is partnered with Tbilisi State University for various educational programs and outings.

On May 19-26, 2017 many students accompanied by faculty and administration traveled with professors of the Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies to Greece for enhanced understanding of ancient Greek and Byzantine civilization. The incredible educational and cultural opportunity was organized for enhanced enlightenment and understanding of the correlation between the ancient and modern world and is a prime example of the higher critical thinking we imbue with our students and within the school community as a whole.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

During the school year, the American High School partners with the Tsilkani Home for orphaned children.  We assist with donations of food, toys and clothing.

Also, each fall and spring, our students gather as a community to collect money and or food for the less fortunate in our effort to assist within the greater community that include the Red Cross and Red Nose..  The incredible support of our students is essential for their growth and understanding.  Their support and generosity is to be commended.

These charitable efforts are also combined with numerous class outings and cultural trips to Mtskheta, Kutasi, and other local areas.

College Board

Each year, members of  the American High School administration and faculty participate both online and in person within the United States at regional forums for enhanced comprehension of US educational opportunities for academic and personal success.   We currently offer nineteen (19) Advanced Placement courses for enhanced comprehension of critical thinking and synthesis which are essential components for our students’ success in the ever expanding and globally interdependent society of today and in the future.   We are and continue to be very proud of their many achievements that include numerous “AP Scholar with Distinction Award” each school year.


The American High school has 22 teachers; of which 30% have PhD’s and many also teach at one of three (3) local universities.  The breath of the education that we offer our students is a true college preparatory experience.

University Matriculation – United States, Europe, and Georgia 

The American High School’s Class of 2017 continues our tradition of higher success.  Their achievements inspire our school’s community with their exceptional acceptance to many of the finest universities and colleges throughout the world.  The class of 2017 included fifteen (15) students who were admitted to an impressive list of 46 schools that include Yale University (USA), American Academy of Dramatic Arts (USA), American University of Paris (France), Bocconi University (Italy), IE University (Spain), King’s College (UK), Leiden University (Netherlands), Northeastern University (USA), SciencesPo (France), Utrecht University (Netherlands), and Webster University-Vienna (Austria).  We are very proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued contributions for themselves and the greater world.