Student Success Story: Andria Laitadze's Academic Journey

22 Jun 2024

We are delighted to share the inspiring success story of our former student, Andria Laitadze, who spent the 9th and 10th grades at the European School. Andria's academic journey is a testament to hard work, dedication, and the robust educational foundation provided by our institution.

Bridging Schools: The Inspiring 'Let's Get Friend' Project

12 Jun 2024

Senior and junior projects are very important at the American School of Advanced Studies. We are proud to announce that every year, our students enhance their skills as innovators and researchers. This year, as part of their junior project, 11th graders Natalie Aspandidze and Teona Papidze, under the supervision of our academic dean, Natela Tevzadze, conducted an amazing project titled "Let's Get Friend."

A Relaxing Adventure 8th Graders Unwind and Explore Georgia

12 Jun 2024

On June 8th, 2024, the 8th graders of the American School of Advanced Studies embarked on a memorable trip to Katchreti Ambassador, which included a one-night stay. Along the way, they visited St. Nino’s Church, where they delved into the rich history and religious values of Georgia.

Chess Competition- The final round in Chess Tournament

29 May 2024

On May 29th, the American School of Advanced Studies hosted the final round of its chess tournament. Under the guidance of chess teacher Ilia Tsetskhlaze, the event captivated the school community, including special guests from Manglis Public School. The final match, a gripping contest between Tsotne Abuladze and Aleksandre Darchiashvili, showcased exceptional skill and determination. Ultimately, Tsotne Abuladze emerged victorious, securing first place. Chess has been a long-standing passion for Tsotne, making this triumph particularly meaningful.

III International Conference “ Georgia and The World”

28 May 2024

We are proud to uphold the tradition of the international conference "Georgia and the World," held in collaboration with COGNIA and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. This year's conference, the third of its kind, took place on May 26th. Our students and teachers, alongside local professors and students from around the globe, came together to share Georgia's rich and diverse experiences with the world. Holding the event on Georgia's Independence Day added significant symbolic value.

Exploring Cultural Interplay: Student Conference on U.S.-Georgia Relations from the 1950s to the 1990s

25 May 2024

On May 22,  European School  Department of Social Sciences and the American School of Advanced Studies hosted a highly engaging student conference led by Mariam Kahtiashvili, Social Science Teacher. The conference focused on "Influence and Identity in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1990s: Culture in the Context of U.S.-Georgia Relations."

Chess Tournament, 1 Round

21 May 2024

On May 16th, the American School of Advanced Studies hosted the first round of its chess competition, organized by the chess teacher, Ilia Tsetskhladze. The event was vibrant, with high participation from students in grades 6 through 9, boasting over 20 participants. Another round is scheduled for May 21st, and we will return with the names of the winners.

Last Bell Ceremony - 2024

21 May 2024

Today, the school bell rang for the last time for grade 12 students at the European School. Symbolic class with their homeroom teachers, taking final photos with classmates and teachers, signing school last-day autograph shirts, and a tree-planting ceremony gave graduating students a chance to leave something behind and to remind and inspire current and future ES students.

Europe Day

15 May 2024

The European School celebrated Europe Day and stressed European values and principles by holding a conference, Youth for a Better Tomorrow.