Visit of the Cultural Attache of the US embassy

19 Apr 2021

On April 19th, Christopher Anderson, the Cultural Attache of the US embassy in Georgia visited the European School. An honored guest became acquainted with the ES academic programs, innovative approaches implemented at the school, he had a tour of the European School's state-of-the-art infrastructure that fosters academic excellence. Christopher J. Anderson evaluated the role of the American High School which provides Georgian and international students with a pathway to American higher education. He received information about the impressive results and achievements of the AHS students who were awarded the USA Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. We hope, this visit will increase the role of American education at the European School and lead our students to greater success.

Online Lecture Series

29 Mar 2021

Ivane Javakhishvili State University Associate professor Ekaterine Kobakhidze has delivered a lecture at the virtual Zoom event organized for the European school community on Thursday, March 25th. In her talk, Ekaterine Kobakhidze explored the interesting theme about Etruscan Religion. Its cultural background and the influence of Etruscan ideas on development of other cultures.

Cognia Global Virtual Conference

05 Mar 2021

On February 20, 2021, Cognia - a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally, organized “Leading the Way Virtual Global Conference”.   The European School was honored to take part in this global community represented by 80 countries and the whole staff of the executive team. English Language Arts and AP Research Teacher Nana Mukeria represented the American High School at this international conference. More than 200 educators gathered to discuss students’ current needs, creating a new vision for the future. Nana Mukeria, as a panel member for “Teaching in Challenging Times: By teachers for teachers” addressed the educational ecosystem and global technological trends. She shared with educators teaching and learning practices adopted by and established at the European School for different scenarios and a behavior support plan to build students’ resilience.

International Classics Competition

05 Mar 2021

In February, the American High School students participated in an international Classics Competition held by the Lytham St Annes CA. Participants were selected from schools of European countries where the subject Classical Civilizations is incorporated in the curriculum.  The students were asked to produce and deliver a presentation in response to a particular question about the ancient world: ‘if you could travel back in time to one day in the ancient past, which would it be and why?’ The ES AHS representative Mariam Jakhua decided to embark on a journey to Eleusis and to participate in the Eleusinian mysteries: “This phenomenon is well known around the world. Apart from being so well-known, it is also very well hidden. No one knows what happened during these mysteries, and due to that, it has become a controversial topic in many discussions. For this very reason, I wanted to go back. My main idea behind choosing this time and setting was to uncover all that is hidden and to abolish all misconceptions. I aimed to unravel the deep secrets and to enlighten my society about one of the world's most well-kept mysteries.

Digital Technology Week

19 Feb 2021

Digital Technology Week was held in the Mathematics Department and the Department of Languages and Literature of the European School. It aimed to observe how digital technologies have been integrated into teaching and share effective teaching practices among colleagues.

SAT update

19 Jan 2021

Dear Students, As you are aware, the covid-19 pandemic has disrupted college planning and admissions in many ways.  It has also pushed College Board to evolve to better respond to the needs of students and colleges navigating this new reality.

Writer Tamar Gegeshidze

17 Dec 2020

On December 11th, an online  meeting was held  with the writer Tamar Gegeshidze. There was an interesting discussion between the participants, including getting to know the writer’s personality and thematic view of her book “Sashlelebi” or “Erasers”. The meeting was attended by students of 8th-11th grades from the American high school, the Academic Dean- Natia Tevzadze, the organizers of the meeting- the English language and literature teachers, Nana Mukeria and Ani Bochorishvili. The meeting was not only fun, but also educational. It served as a time to increase awareness of the modern Georgian literature. Students got to listen to interesting recommendations set out by the writer. They received recommendations about classroom reading, and tips on how each young person can make their dream of becoming an author a reality.

European School Medical Call Centre

02 Dec 2020

#Wecare  #Let’sdefeatCOVID-19together  #Yourschoolstayswithyou During a global crisis such as COVID-19,  medical assistance, and consultation with a trusted source of expertise became even more crucial. The European School responds to the pandemic with the strategic adaptability, right processes, and preparatory efforts and starts operating a Medical Call Center to protect the health and safety of its students and employees. The ES doctor N.Lomidze remotely will continue to provide the school community with frontline communication and medical assistance so desperately needed in current reality.  Get medical advice from the qualified specialist of the ES Medical Call Center

TEDxIBEuropeanSchool-This Year, We Came Back Virtually!

02 Dec 2020

While all of us are apart, TEDxIBEuropeanSchool managed to offer intellectual entertainment to the European School community by bringing its students, teachers, parents, alumni together in a virtual space.