Student Parliament Chair Elections

Student Parliament Chair Elections took place at the European School today, November 9, 2017. Students from all three programs (Georgian, IB and AHS) of the European School participated in the voting process. Voting procedures that started at 10 a.m. and continued up until 12 p.m., went smoothly and no complications were recorded. In a transparent vote counting process, the members of the administrative team of the school and chair candidates’ trustees were involved. Overall, 396 students from grades 6-12 voted. The final results were declared by SophioBazadze, the Academic Director, in the Main Conference Hall in front of the student body. The Chairperson-elect is Sophie Nonikashvili (American High School, 11th grade).

The results of the Student Parliament Chair Elections are as follows:

Luka Leluashvili – 58 votes;

Nini Shiolashvili – 71 votes;

Liza Saakadze – 76 votes;

Diya Mathew – 83 votes;

Sophie Nonikashvili – 103 votes.



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