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Charity Exhibition and Drama Performance

24 May 2019

On May 22, the charity exhibition and drama performance -Place for Two were held at the ES. The MYP students played this performance on the school stage several times and presented it to students at the international schools of Baku as well. The performance followed the charity exhibition where beneficiaries of the Youth House sold handmade pillows, handbags, and bracelets decorated with Georgian ornaments. Money collected from the sold tickets will be given to the Youth House.

Canes Film Festival

24 May 2019

The American High School students from grade 10 attended the Canes Film Festival. They met Georgian director from Germany Iana Ugrekhelidze and talked about the challenges faced by the Georgian cinematography. Later, the students were invited to the film show by the director.

Gold Number 2019

24 May 2019

On May 19, the European School students: Ana Tsulaia, Nana Kachiauri, Nana Tsurtsumia, Elisabed Loria and Davit Grigolia participated at Chemistry conference-Gold Number 2019, held at the Agricultural University within a project- Professional Development of Teachers and School Directors and organized by the Association of Professional Chemists, National Center for Teachers' Professional Development and Millenium Challenge Fund. The goal of the conference is the popularisation of Chemistry. The ES Chemistry teachers Sopo Patsatsia and Khatuna Kapanadze were the supervisors of the students' projects. At the end of the conference, certificates were awarded to the students.

PYP Student-led Conferences

23 May 2019

European School (PYP Grade 1-5) “Student-Led” conferences was held on Wednesday May 22, 2019 from 9:00 – 17.00. This was an opportunity for students to share their learning, and for parents, to gain an insight into the variety of work your child has been doing. Students have organised samples of work in portfolios, reflected on them and identified strengths and areas for improvement.

Self- governance Day

22 May 2019

On May 22, Self -governance Day was held at the ES. For one day students became members of the school staff and completed assigned tasks independently. Students assumed the roles of academic director, chancellor, HR and PR managers, coordinators, security guards and etc. At the end of the day, self-governance day activities were summarised in the Main Hall. The students successfully coped with challenges and gained valuable experience.

Public Relation: Strategies and Tactics

22 May 2019

The PYP students from grade 3 visited the office of PR and Marketing Division. PR Manager Nino Kusrashvili informed them about different aspects of public relations: PR strategies, marketing campains, and event management. The students learned about the topic from the secondary sources as well. Later, they received homework from the PR manager-to write a piece of short news about the event. Several days later, the students submitted the homework and expressed the wish to participate in PR campaigns in the future.

Still Lifes and Landscapes

22 May 2019

On May 21, an exhibition of paintings created by grade 4b students Demetre Tsiklauri and Ilia Mchedlishvili was held at London Avenue. The students exhibited still lifes, landscapes, and graphic drawings. the visitors enjoyed the exhibition.

The Night of the Musem

21 May 2019

On May 18, the traditional event the Night of the Museum was held to celebrate International Museum Day. The MYP students from grade 8 took part in the educational project offered within the exhibition Georgia-Europe and dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Marjory Wardrop. This program was developed at Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Literature. The students visited two exhibitions: Giorgi Leonidze -120, Museum of Literature -90 and Marjory Wardrop -150. The students saw unique exhibits, memorial objects, and handwritten publications. Later, they engaged in a group work, where the students made bilingual book according to Ilia Chavchavadze's Gandegili translated by Marjory Wardrop. They made illustrations as well. Mishiko Gabaidze created a cover for the book. Visitors of the museum liked the work of the ES students and took part in this activity with enthusiasm.

Educational Conference

21 May 2019

On May 17-18, the 3rd International educational conference- International Research 2019 organized by the Easter Mediterranean Academic Research Centre was held in Istanbul, Turkiet. The main theme of the conference was Education and Teaching in the XXI Century. Two teachers from the ES Shorena Abesadze and Davit Nozadze attended the conference and presented the research on a topic- The Role of games in teaching Computer Science. The participants' presentations will be published in the “International Journal of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies.“

Visiting Children's Village

21 May 2019

On May 16, the PYP Student Council members visited SOS Children's Village Georgia, supporting vulnerable children, young people, and families. The ES students planed different activities before the visit: educational games, science experiments, handcraft and planting activities. They brought some presents to the beneficiaries of the Village. Kids played together, conducted fun experiments and became friends. The PYP Students Council plans similar activities in the future.

Personal Exhibition

21 May 2019

At the London Avenue of the ES paintings of the Georgian Program student from grade 4b, Masho Butskhrikidze were exhibited alongside with the artworks of her brother Tornike Butskhikidze. The young artist received a lot of compliments from the visitors for the paintings created during the last two years.

PYP Exhibition

20 May 2019

On May 17, the PYP Exhibition was held in the Main Hall. This year, as a culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme, grade 5 students dived into their project-based work to cover the unit “Sharing the Planet”. At the most important academic event of the PYP, the students showcased spectacular presentations of 8 weeks’ projects based on a particular issue of their choosing and interest: recycling, types of pollution, homeless people, animal rights and advanced technologies as tools for improving communication. The Exhibition was also the perfect way to visualize their research, action and the whole process through their performance, shadow play on environmental threats, printed brochures, video games and the final musical performance which perfectly matched the concept of the event. The PYP students showed their great interest towards the environment, the students also showed that they became inspired to take action and act responsibly as global citizens.


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