Excursion to Tao-Klarjeti


On October 11-14, American High School students took a trip to Tao-Klarjeti. They visited historical places of Shavsheti, Klarjeti and Tao and had an unique opportunity to visit the places which are well known to them from Georgian history and hagiography. During a 4-day trip, students and their teachers saw a lot of historical and cultural monuments, such as Mere’s castle, Seytan (Kajeti) castle, Ardahan, Shavsheti, Satle castle, Tbeti, Doliskana, Artvin, Artanuji, JoJokhetis Canyon, Akhiza’s castle, Yusufeli, Otkhta church, Kavkasidze’s castle, Vejangeti castle, Ishkani, Oshki, Khakhuli monastery, Tortum waterfall, Torumi castle and Bana cathedral.

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