Saving Natural Resources and Waste Processing at European School


Every year students at European School participate in “Green Week” event initiated by ICT teacher Davit Nozadze. This year, in the framework of this week, students met with representatives of the Environmental Information and Education Center, who discussed the importance of protecting environment; Children also met Sandro Asatiani, the creator of the first Georgian e-books, who explained importance of protecting natural resources. Within the week, classes visited Toyota Center and were informed about the types of harmful waste collection and recycling tools. In addition, students processed scrap paper and created educational resources with it.
During “Green Week” all age groups competed by collecting paper waste. The winner class was revealed at the end of the week. The following three groups managed to collect the biggest amount of paper waste:1) Georgian Program, grade 2b; 2) PYP Grade 4; 3) Georgian Program, grade 4. The winner group was offered to visit the paper processing plant and the Museum of Books.

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