Self-Government Day at the European School


The European School organized Self-Government Day on May 11, 2018. Students assumed the role of a teacher for a day. They offered interesting classes, arranged flash mobs and started charity campaigns – with the money raised, they bought books and donated them to SOS Children’s Village Georgia.
Some of our students decided to test their skills outside of the classroom walls and assumed the roles of the Academic Director, program coordinators, psychologist, doctor, PR manager, security guards, etc.
At the end of the day, students admitted that being a responsible adult is harder than they thought.
“Today I’m a SA Advisor. I thought I’d have an easy day, but I am buried in work. I constantly check my e-mail to stay on track. I hope today goes well,” said Nutsa Kublashvili, IB MYP grade 10.
“I’m the Chief Security Officer. All is well, the school is secure. My security team is doing a good job,” said Nikoloz Samushia, Grade 12, Georgian Program.
“I’m the Academic Director of the European School. My team monitors the school hallways and keeps me informed. I’m sure today will go smoothly,” said Giorgi Macharashvili, grade 12, Georgian Program.
“I’m a doctor and I’ve been treating patients all day,” said Tamar Manjavidze, grade 8, American High School.
“I’m a MYP Coordinator today. I monitor students’ tardiness and absences. I just created an exam schedule. I think I’m doing well so far,” said Liza Loria, IB MYP grade 10.
“As a psychologist, I conducted therapy sessions today. I think I’m doing great,” said Anuka Kaplanishvili, IB MYP grade 9.
“I’m a PR manager. I learned how to compose good articles. I’ll be interviewing students today and later on, I will compose an article about our Self-Government Day,” said Mariam Kakoishvili, IB MYP grade 9.
“I monitor MYP hallways and make sure that students are in class. Later on, I’ll report to the Academic Director,” said Ana Bzikadze, IB MYP grade 10.

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