Teaching-learning Process Management System “SCHOOL BOOK“

From the beginning of the year 2017, the European School decided to upgrade the existing electronic program to manage teaching-learning process and implement an innovative project uniting and integrating essential electronic data and educational resources in one system.
On March 21, pursuant to the terms of the agreement between the European School and Innovators Group Georgia, the school was granted “SCHOOL BOOK“ computer program that serves as an effective tool for the teaching-learning process and information exchange between the school administration, teachers and parents.
As a result of active collaboration between the Innovators Group Georgia and the European School ICT teachers, multiple settings have been added to the “SCHOOL BOOK,” turning it into more flexible program adjusted to our school’s needs.
On December 11, the main part of the project successfully concluded. Being actively used by the school community, The SCHOOL BOOK program operates successfully. However, collaboration is ongoing to add new, innovative functions to it.

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