CIS Steering Committee

CIS is a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide.

The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognised by Ministries and Departments of Education around the world as the demonstration of a school’s commitment to high-quality international education.

CIS International Accreditation is an evaluation process that drives a school’s continuous improvement, through:

  • rigorous evaluation against internationally-agreed standards;
  • a blend of support and challenge, focused on a school’s development;
  • a peer-based model that brings together international educators from across the world of CIS-accredited schools (CIS | International Education Membership Community).

CIS Steering Committee

The European School also became a member of Council of International Schools (CIS) in 2016 and now, the school is on the way to receive its institutional accreditation.

The self-study is the most important part of the evaluation and accreditation process of Council of International Schools. The European School has formed a Steering Committee to have oversight of this process and has identified the significant tasks, that need to be accomplished each term.

The Self-Study Steering Committee ensures, that the self-study is carried out through a fully transparent process that will be achieved on time in accordance to the required standards, that is evidence-based self-reflection.

The Steering Committee coordinates the work of the Committees, ensuring, that  they do not work in isolation from one another, but their evaluations are cross-referenced and coordinated, with the Steering Committee providing the holistic overview.

The SSSC steers the work of every stakeholder in the school community: Students, Parents, Academic Leadership Team, Senior Leadership Team, Teachers, Support Staff, Members of the Supervisory Board and Former Students (Alumni).


Structure of the Self-Study Steering Committee

Self-Study Steering Committee will work in the presented format throughout the 2019-2020 school year and consists of twelve members.

Sophio Bazadze – Chair;
Nana Patsia – Deputy Chair;
Giorgi Sichinava – Deputy Chair;
Natia Getsadze – Member
Nona Shengelaia – Member
Eliso Chelishvili – Member
Ana Chakhnashvili – Member
Petre Babilua – Member
Sopho Patsatsia – Member
Maia Revia – Member
Natia Pirtskhalava – Member
Shorena Abesadze – Member


SSSC is divided by its subject field into following Groups: Group 1. for School Governance and Group 2. for Academic Performance.

Group of School Governance is responsible for Domains A, B, F, G, H;

Group of Academic Performance responsible for Domains C, D, E.


Sophio Bazadze
Deputy Chair
Nana Patsia
Deputy Chair
Giorgi Sichinava