Digital Technology Week

Digital Technology Week was held in the Mathematics Department and the Department of Languages and Literature of the European School. It aimed to observe how digital technologies have been integrated into teaching and share effective teaching practices among colleagues.

Our teachers designed lessons where new pedagogical approaches, technical and educational tools were synthesized to perform a wide range of tasks. The Socratic Method, Cornell Note-taking System, Flipped Classroom and other interactive methods were applied by the teachers to foster the critical thinking of the students. GeoGebra, Desmos, Kahoot, Khan Academy, XtraMath was used to visualize and solve Math problems. During Literature lessons various applications like Picker Wheel, MindMeister, Canvas, Jamboard, and Artsteps enabled students to develop literary games, presentations, mind maps, virtual exhibitions, etc.

Digital Technology Weeks play a significant role in education at the ES. They increase our students’ interest in learning and expand their horizons.

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