Europe Week

Every year, the European School celebrates Europe Day aiming to develop among students respect for their own culture and the cultures, languages, values and traditions of others.

The Europe Week program started with a showcase of a documentary film – Europe and Me, presented by Young European Ambassadors.

The Europe Day activities included an exhibition of books on EU: Travel to European Union and Let’s Explore Europe, the entertaining group games and fun challenges providing information about the EU. Children learned more about EU member states, EU Flags, wrote short letters to EU, and demonstrated traditional costumes.

The Europe Day festivities at the European School concluded with a visit of Mr. Romain Strasser – Head of Intercultural and Religious Dialogue Unit of the European Parliament. Students discussed EU-Georgian relations and common values with the guest.

Throughout the Europe Week, the European School opened its doors for exceptional visits, debates, interactive presentations and games to highlight diversity existing at the school.

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