The European School –Participant of Microsoft Teams Live Event

International Open Lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!”

The European School-leading school in online teaching is a partner of Microsoft Company and therefore has access to the latest software, services, and platforms.

The European School team presenting Georgia, took part in an international open lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!” conducted by Microsoft company.

During the lesson, each team was asked to make an online presentation about the home country in the Teams program. 118 people: students, teachers, experts, and Microsoft representatives attended the online lesson. The ES team supervised by Robotics and Design teacher Guranda Gogaladze consisted of the following students: Niaz Mahdavi, Mishiko Gabaidze, Nini Gabaidze, Ana-maria Iakobidze, Ana Diasamidze, Nugzar Shoshiashvil, Anastasia Gobianidze, and Mariam Jakhua.

During the pandemic, when education turned to distance mode, teams from 6 different countries participated in the lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!”: Georgia – European School, Kosovo – Finish School of Kosova, Kazakhstan – Lyceum School #54, Latvia – Talsu 2nd Secondary School, Bulgaria – Hristo Smirnenski Primary School and Azerbaijan – Confirmed School.

Partnership with Microsoft supports students’ integration in technological development and ensures successful implementation of online teaching methods.

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