Frequently Asked Questions

A new country, a new language, and a new school . . . this might all seem like a complicated and challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be!

Contact our Head of Admissions and Enrollment Ms. Nona Shengelaia on (0 32) 239 59 64 Ext.105 or email her at and ask as many questions as you need addressed. The sooner you contact her, the quicker she can tailor the information to your individual circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions


At all programs of our school, the class size is up to 20 students.
School starts at 9:00 and finishes at 17:00. It is important to develop good habits by arriving punctually every day.

The school fees across all academic programs vary and are reviewed by the School Board on an annual basis.

Fees include tuition, textbooks & teaching materials (for IB MYP and DP programs only), student support in English language (need-based), learning support, university and college counseling, school meals (for Primary Years students including grade V).
Parents are expected to pay for some residential trips. Some optional after-school activities also incur a charge.

Generally, the tuition fee is paid in two installments. One in May, before the beginning of the academic year and the other half in January before the second semester starts. There is 5% discount established on an early full-year payment of the Fee.

The purchasing of school uniform is possible at the atelier, which is in the shopping center ‘Karvasla’, on the second floor, room 207b. The address is Tsotne Dadiani Str. №7.

We enroll children all year round whether to start immediately or later. Our Admissions office and the Reception are always ready to help parents and families to make the process of enrollment smooth and enjoyable.

No, but please contact us as soon as possible for more detailed information for your specific case.

We offer waiting list placement if the classes are full and closed. Once you join the waiting list, you will receive an email confirmation. Should a place become available due to a cancellation, the first applicant on the waiting list will receive an email notifying them that a space is available.

Yes, we do accept children with a limited level of English through Grade 5. The school’s student support center will help the children to upgrade their knowledge of English to successfully continue their education at the school.

Please make sure all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name so that it can be returned if found. We collect lots of lost property items each term. The lost property storage is near the elevator. Unclaimed items are sent to a charity shop.

For safety reasons, children should not wear any jewelry in school. However, they may wear a wristwatch and if your child has pierced ears, small studs may be worn. These will need to be removed for P.E. lessons.

Children should bring in P.E. kit to wear. Kindergarten and grade 1 children may do indoor P.E. in vest and pants. Trainers or plimsolls are worn for outdoor P.E.

If your child is unwell then s/he should be kept at home. Please telephone school to let us know why your child is absent. You can upload an excusal form on Managebac as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes children do have accidents or become unwell whilst they are at school and we need to call you. It can add to your child’s distress if we are unable to contact you. Please ensure that we have up to date contact telephone numbers for you and tell us straight away if these change.

Bring your child to school on time. Arriving late can mean that your child misses important information about the lesson. It can also be embarrassing for your child and is disruptive for the class. Please ensure that you attend parent/teacher consultation days and special events in school; help out with fundraising; offer to go on school trips; notify us of absences; read all the letters that your child brings home; support your child with homework; read together; give praise and encouragement.

Teachers are busy settling their classes first thing in the morning and can only receive the briefest of messages at that time. They are more easily available at the end of the day when they have dismissed their classes. Teachers are happy to make appointments to see you if you would like a longer chat. Teachers also meet parents and carers at parent/teacher consultation days.

For further questions visit the specific program you are interested in.