A New Adventure - Remote Teaching

March 2019 marked the beginning of online class in Tbilisi, and with came new ways of establishing contact with students, a new pacing scheme for lesson plans as well as a totally new approach of teaching and assessments strategies; moreover, the transition into mastering these newly acquired skills was not transient, yet it was too sudden that it needed so many skills to be endeavored, learned and applied on the spot.

At first, I was a skeptic, for it was unexpected to have the same type of connection with my students in an online class that I usually have when I teach face-to-face. Thankfully, I was wrong. The class tools that the European School has equipped me with, especially online materials for English Literature and Theory of Knowledge, were just on time. Those have allowed me to establish rigid learning communities. As a teacher, learning about new teaching strategies and keeping pace with many current advances have been developed over this year in information and communication technologies.

My students gain just as much from interacting in this forum as they do by attending class on campus. Besides, I was amazed at how students could cope fast with the new modified teaching-learning experience.

Online teaching has indeed been a challenge for so many teachers, students, and parents; however, this is high time for us to prove that we tend to adapt fast to the circumstances and their varied situations.

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