Overseas College and University Counseling

With the help of the University Counseling Unit, our class of 2019 scored an unprecedented amount of funding (1,428,605 USD) for their studies.
Our University Counseling Unit continually strives to improve its services to ensure college and career readiness.
Our students benefit from:
College fairs and visits from world-class colleges/universities (Yale University, Columbia University, Duke University, Brandeis University, Northeastern University) NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) membership & resources CIS (Council of International Schools) membership & resources As increased number of individual meetings with students/parents.

Our college and university counseling office aims to help students and parents make informed decisions about studying abroad. Our goal is to help students find the college or university that matches their interests, ambitions, aspirations, mindsets, and attitudes. Family budgets and circumstances, as well as academic achievements and leadership potential, will also be taken into consideration. As there are many other variables that influence the decision-making process, we are here to discuss each case individually and offer our advice and solutions accordingly.

Support and guidance will be provided to our 9th-12th grade students and their parents in the following areas:

  • Encouraging them to excel in their academics and achieve a high standard according to individual abilities.
  • Providing support with their extracurricular activities.
  • Organizing Individual sessions for parents and students to design a feasible plan during the application period.
  • Providing Information about standardized tests that are required by universities.
  • Offering information sessions for university and program selection.
  • Providing in-depth support and guidance during the application process.
  • Offering workshops and individual sessions on writing personal essays, personal statements, and supplement letters.
  • Running a series of workshops and seminars on career planning and major selection (February-June).


Overseas University Counselor
Giorgi Sichinava


Our Students

Nikoloz Gozalishvili, EMORY Unversity 2016

European School gave me a perfect fusion of life-changing experiences and quality studies. I feel that my commitment to higher goals and my interest in serving the community I become a part of were determined by the environment at the school. It has prepared me for academic and personal challenges that I faced at the university. More importantly, my school has given me lifelong friends. Relationships with these open-minded and intelligent individuals have helped me succeed in different aspects of life. I am thankful for the guidance I received at my school. I feel confident that values, ideas, and actual academic skills gained at European School contribute immensely to our future accomplishments.

Kato Bakradze, Yale University 2017

There is no universal recipe for getting into Yale, but the intangibles that matter can make a huge difference. European School has managed to create the right environment for students to aim higher and succeed on a global level, and I am happy to see that the school has turned college readiness into one of its priorities.