Quality Assurance Division

As part of its aspiration to maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning the European School is committed, through its Strategic Plan, to ensure students experience excellent learning outcomes and enhanced educational opportunities.

There are a number of processes throughout the school which aim to monitor and enhance our capacity to maintain the highest standards of teaching quality.

  • Promotion of the formation of internal mechanisms of educational quality assurance;
  • Implementation of external mechanisms and their further improvement in cooperation with educational institutions and other stakeholders;
  • Ensuring systematic monitoring and review of teaching and learning;
  • Support of individual staff development, performance improvement and opportunities for innovation in teaching;
  • Recognizing and rewarding teaching excellence;
  • Monitoring and evaluating student outcomes;
  • Considering feedback of the school community to facilitate enhanced teaching and learning performance;
  • Provide services to enrich and support students’ learning.
Quality Management Division Advisor for Authorization and Exams
Nana Ivanidze
Quality Development Group Consultant
Sophio Lobzhanidze