Aleksander Giorgidze - Sport Activities Coordinator

He was born in 29th of June 1980. He studied at 18th public school. He finished diplomatic lycee 1998. 1998-2004 he studied diplomacy and international relations in Tbilisi state university. 2000-2003 he took minor field of law. He passed the qualification for Geography-Geology and Archeology. Since then he has been PHD student at Tbilisi State University in conflict management. He participated in several international conferences, and he is the author of 5th grade history book. He has been working as a teacher since 2003, he was working at several schools and universities as a teacher of Civil Education, History, Geography, Music, Tourism and PE. He was working as a deputy director of National Center of Manuscripts, as well as program coordinator (TLG) at Ministry of Education. He participated 2013 IB Geography online training in Switzerland, IB CAS coordinator qualification training, and teacher training in 2012 USAID. From 2012 he is working at European School as a teacher and CAS coordinator. He was organizer of several student activities and movements, he was playing in a music band for school, professional hiker and mountain climber, and member of intellectual club What? Where? When? He also likes to travel a lot internationally and nationally in any kind of transport. Now he is working in American High School as teacher of History, Geography, and Extracellular Activity coordinator.