Giorgi Sichinava - University Counselor

Overseas College Counseling

I have worked in the test-prep and counseling industry since 2007. The time I’ve spent consulting college-bound applicants and the experience gained allows me to help students get admitted to and financed by top universities around the world.

I’ve taken the SAT (2270), TOEFL (115), IELTS (8.5), GMAT (740) and GRE (332). (2008-2015).

My professional goal is to devote my career to the field. Through educational initiatives, projects, and close cooperation with schools and universities, I want to contribute to the effort of modernizing education, harnessing the power of digital revolution, and ensuring better access to resources for more people.

In 2014, I founded GS Academy, my educational and consulting center. Our students manage to succeed in standardized tests and in the application process. Considering the fierce international competition, our yearly progress and better results indicate the level of commitment and professionalism of our team.

I agreed to work with European School with great pleasure as the school has a clear vision for the future, potential to create value, and resources to offer best possible conditions for talented and motivated students.



University Counseling

Our university counseling office aims to help students and parents make informed decisions about studying abroad. Our goal is to help students find the university that matches their interests, ambitions, aspirations, mindsets and attitudes. Family budgets and circumstances, as well as academic achievements and leaderships potential will also be taken into consideration. As there are many other variables that influence the decision-making process, we are here to discuss each case individually and our advice and solutions will be based on this.

Support and guidance will be provided to our students and parents of grades 9-12, in the following areas:

  • Encouraging them to excel in their academics and achieve a high standard according to individual abilities.
  • Provide support with their extracurricular activities.
  • Organizing Individual sessions for parents and students to design a feasible plan during the application period.
  • Providing Information about standardized tests that are required by universities.
  • Offer information sessions for university and program selection.
  • Provide in depth support and guidance during the application process.
  • Offering workshops and individual sessions on writing personal essays, personal statements, and supplement letters.
  • Running a series of workshops and seminars on career planning and major selection (February-June).