Peter Gittins - Adviser Consultant

Supervisory Board

Mr Peter has been involved in international education for over thirty years as both a teacher and school leader. An Australian citizen, Peter originally trained as a teacher of History and English and worked as a teacher in Papua New Guinea and Nepal before commencing his school leadership in the capacity as the Founding Principal of the International (Grammar) School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There followed an interim Headship in Australia, the Headship of the Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka for five years and the Headship of the International School Hamburg, Germany for six years. Immediately prior to joining Renaissance International School, Peter worked for the Council of International Schools advising schools in the areas of accreditation and improvement. He has consulted widely on effective school governance and has also presented workshops and featured as a speaker at numerous IB and at Regional Teacher Conferences. Peter has a strong background in curriculum, school design and construction and is passionate about community service having been involved in significant and now self-supporting projects in Sri Lanka and Hamburg.