Tamar Kiknadze - Manager of European Kindergarten

Tamar Kiknadze graduated from Ilia State University with a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy of English and French languages.
In 2007-2010, she worked as an English teacher at the “School Opiza.”
In 2015, she received a DELF B2 certificate and completed the Human Resources Management Course.
In 2010-2018 she worked as an English teacher at the European Kindergarten.
In 2016 she received a certificate from the University of Virginia for completing “Supporting Young Children’s Development” online course.
In 2017, she participated in various trainings organized by Macmillan Education: “Keys for Engaging Young Learners,” “Grammar for Life,” “Bring Life Skills to Life.”
In 2003-2007, she was a choir member of Ilia State University and participated in various projects including “Generation 21.”
Since 2018, she is a Manager of the European Kindergarten.
She is interested in young children’s psychology, global cuisine, art, music and travelling.